Welcome to Top Velocity. The Atlanta Baseball Virtual Academy is run by Brent Pourciau. Coach Pourciau is a National Coach who has developed some of the top training programs for the Atlanta baseball player. If you are looking for instruction and training for the off-season or in-season then view the programs listed below.

Atlanta Baseball Instruction

Coach Pourciau runs his instruction online through video analysis and One on One email and phone coaching. If you are looking to increase running speed, bat speed or throwing speed, then view the training manuals and the velocity program listed below. Coach Pourciau has developed one of the top velocity enhancement programs for pitchers in the game. To learn more about the 3X Pitching Velocity Program select the link.
If you would like a FREE pitching video analysis today then send me a note using the Contact Us link. I will be glad to get you started! You can view other pitching analysis here.
If you have a USSSA team that you would like a customized training program for your pitchers or position players contact Coach Pourciau going to the Contact Us link in the above navigation or call 985.878.5103.

Atlanta Baseball Video Analysis (Pitchers)

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Atlanta Baseball Training Program (All Position Players Ages 14U)

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Atlanta Pitcher's Velocity Program (Ages 8U)

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