Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Pitching Video Analysis"So when's the last time you broke down some video of yourself" I said. A puzzled look comes across the face of the player and parent standing in front of me... "Hmmm well, I don't know, it's been a while", they respond, or "never", is often the answer I get from the parents or player.
I can't tell you how many times I have heard this. It still amazes me how many players I meet who have taken private pitching or hitting lessons for years and their instructor has never bothered to take a video or at least give them a couple of pointers using freeze frame shots on a simple digital camera. Especially in today's day and age with iphones and video analysis apps.
When I hear stories like this, I imagine my self as a parent, taking a wad of cash out of pocket and throwing it off a 10 story building or better yet, taking a couple paychecks of my hard earned money and using them to start a camp fire.
Can you imagine going to the doctor's office and them slapping a cast on your arm because it looks broken without even taking an x-ray? Or a plumber showing up at your house to fix a leak who starts immediately ripping pipes out of the wall without checking the pressure in the lines.
My point is...
If you can't see what you are doing wrong, visualize what you should do, then do drills to correct it, how can you possibly get better? If you don't diagnose the problems in your delivery or swing, how can you fix them?

Steps to Good Video Analysis

Technology has made it so incredibly simple to do video analysis. If you are taking private instruction and your coach is not doing it, you are throwing your money away. It boils down to laziness, arrogance, or ignorance. Bottom line, none of the above are excusable.
No coach, no matter how brilliant, can see, and obviously not show you, what's wrong with your delivery or swing, the way a video can in slow motion. Barring major mechanical flaws, coaches can not see in real time everything they need to see, and you need this visual, to help you improve.
So insist on video analysis from your baseball instructor or find one that does video analysis regularly.
Ok, so now we know, as baseball players we need to consistently look at video of ourselves to improve. Now what does a good video analysis look like?
First tip, go to youtube and watch a handful of videos Brent Pourciau has analyzed. He has posted hundreds of videos there and they are great, free, resource to learn about pitching mechanics and what major league pitchers do to generate high velocities.
Secondly, find an instructor or coach who studies the absolutes of hitting or pitching, utilizing a systematic method of training based on scientifically reinforced principles like 3X Pitching and ask for an assessment.
Third, ask to see videos of yourself next to a pro player and ask your instructor to point out areas of improvement based upon absolutes characterized by pro players.
After you have established what you need to do to improve, the next big question is "what drills, exercises and sort of regimen should a player do to raise competency in preforming the proper mechanics?"
Hopefully your instructor has specific drills addressing how to correct mechanical flaws and a strength and conditioning program to increase the athletic ability needed execute proper mechanics in your delivery or swing. If not, find an instructor who has an approach that makes sense to you. You should understand the logic of the program and know specifically why it is going to help you improve.

3X Pitching Services

If you don't know where to start for pitching drills, I strongly suggest investing in some level of the 3X Pitching system. The 3X Pitching Beginner Program is a good place to start for younger kids(13 and under). Older players looking to make push in high school baseball, college, or pro ball should consider investing in the full 3X Pitching Velocity Program. Coaches benefit from having all the available materials from the full 3X program as well. Video analysis is included for free with certain levels of this package. I also highly recommend that you setup the 3X Live 1 on 1 Video Analysis with Coach Pourciau because it takes video analysis to a whole new level. You can ask questions and provide insight with Coach Pourciau for 1 to 2 hour session.
Knowledge is power and visual evidence is the proof. Only when a player knows what they must do, sees what they must do, can they implement a plan for success.
At our facility in Cypress, Texas, we offer an initial free 3X Video Analysis session of your pitching motion and/or swing. We do this because it is necessary for a player to see what they need to do to reach goals. Including in the session is walk though of a few drills from the 3X Pitching Velocity System. We also routinely show players interested in improving hitting several of our best hitting drills.
Another big plus of our system is that we keep historical video profile of our players so that they can see how they have improved over time. This is a huge motivator for our players. When they see the improvement that they have made over time, it makes all their hard work seem worth it and it pushes them to work even harder!!
If you are in the Cypress, Texas area and are interested in receiving a free video analysis session, please find our contact information on our 3X Coaches page.
“The greatest feats in life are not always accomplished by the smartest, most talented, or physically gifted people in the world. Often, they are accomplished by those who try the hardest, work the smartest, and dream the largest.”