Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

3X Pitching Wake Up CallA man standing in a crowded airport collapses to the floor. Sweating and gasping for air, he feels the thud of a jack hammer slamming against his chest. It feels as if a thousand razor blades are ripping away at his flesh. He knows something is terribly wrong. He thinks about his loving wife waiting for his arrival back home, his daughter, who he hasn't seen for a year, and his grand baby, whom he has only held once. He wonders if he will ever see them again. As bystanders come to his aide, he falls unconscious. He has suffered a massive heart attack.
Statistics say, if he survives, he will live another 15-20 years. Why? Because he has experienced in layman's terms what is referred to as a 'wakeup call'. A traumatic, life changing event that prompts immediate action following long ignored needed changes in lifestyle.
Upon being released from the hospital, he'll promptly head to the heath food store and fill his pantry full of supplements, vitamins, and health foods. He'll start exercising regularly. Just the slightest whiff of cigarette smoke, formally part of his regrettable daily morning regimen, now makes his stomach curl. All because he was fortunate enough to survive his wakeup call.

Have You Received Your Wake Up Call as a Pitcher?

What is it about human nature that causes us to ignore our basic daily needs for development and general well being until we have this traumatic life altering event known as a wake up call? We all know we should eat healthy, get regular exercise, and get enough vitamins and nutrients to feed our body. But how many people proactively engage in a regimen of daily development? Judging from the obesity crisis in this country, most people don't.
We all know that, as baseball players, we need to engage in the same sort of daily regimen to develop the strength, speed, and mechanics that we need to excel in our sport. But how many of us are actually currently involved in one?

Question: Have you received your wakeup call as a pitcher?

It could be, being cut from the team, suffering an arm injury, or getting benched for the guy who throws harder than you. At some point, everyone receives one, and everyone who achieves something great, faces and overcomes adversity.
I have a personal saying that goes as follows: "Adversity is what keeps the strong one's from being doomed to mediocrity." In essence, experiencing and overcoming adversity is what pushes us to attain a higher level of achievement than we ever thought possible.
The odds are that you found this article and website because you have received that wake up call. Or, perhaps, you are here because you are proactively seeking to get an advantage in your pitching career. Either way, you are on the right track, you are in the right place, and now is your time to commit to a regimen for daily improvement.
The key word is COMMIT.

The 3X Pitching Commitment

Commitment is fuel that powers man's drive toward excellence and greatness. Commitment is the internal drive to find a daily regimen you believe in and stick with it through adversity, despite distractions. It involves prioritizing your training above any and all of the distractions of your daily life. It's about having the mindset that there are no valid excuses for missing your daily regimen. Any reason or rationale for not training is a lack of commitment. Period.
If you approach training for baseball with this mindset, you can achieve anything. The next step is to find a program you believe in and start today.
The Internet is flooded with baseball pitching, hitting, and strength and conditioning programs. Some are good, some are bad, and some are in between. My advice is to find a program you believe in and wholly commit to it.
My story
I found out about 3X Pitching about a year ago after receiving a wakeup call in my coaching career. Having worked with my nephew on pitching since he was young, I saw him develop into one of the most dominant pitchers in his age group, in a highly competitive area in Houston, Texas. His fastball was mid to high 70's at the age of 12. He made his high school team, but his velocity never got above 77-78 MPH. As a sophomore, he was cut from the high school team when his velocity took a nose dive down to the 72-74 MPH range. I was in a desperate search for answers.
Since he started using the 3X Pitching Velocity Program last summer, he has regained his velocity and is now consistently in low 80's range. He is currently a junior in high school with the goal of reaching mid 80's this summer and topping out at 88-90 MPH when he graduates next year in hope of continuing his pitching career in college.
I became a certified 3X Pitching Coach in the Houston Area because I feel that it is the best program around for pitchers to learn the mechanics to pitch safely, accurately, and to maximize their pitching velocity to give them the best chance to succeed in the game.
3X Pitching is the road map to success, commitment is the fuel, all you need to do is take the first step by opening the door and getting behind the wheel. Take control of your pitching career now and commit to a program you believe in for daily excellence.
“The greatest feats in life are not always accomplished by the smartest, most talented, or physically gifted people in the world. Often, they are accomplished by those who try the hardest, work the smartest, and dream the largest.”