3X Pitching Velocity Program Review“ I promise you that you will leave with a complete understanding of high velocity pitching and what it will take to get your son to his velocity goals. It will also be a pivotal moment in your sons career. “
And with that, my son Evan and I were on a flight to New Orleans to learn about high velocity pitching, from Brent Pourciau. You see like you, all I ever wanted for my children was the very best. I had always told my kids, if you work hard, put in the effort, your Mother and I will do everything in our power to get you where you want to be . We had probably spent tens of thousands of dollars flying to the west coast, going to camps. Paying big fees to the local hotshots that run the semi pro lessons/camps , buying and watching all the DVDs and the like. All of these things have some merit,and we met some very nice , well meaning instructors, but when you are lucky enough to have a son that has the passion, the work ethic for the game, you just would love to see more for the effort.
Evan was always very good on the mound, but as he entered high school ( ours is a top 4 program in the State of Ohio ) , and visiting and reading up on the college programs in the area, it became apparent to me that VERY few high school players even PLAY at the college level, and even fewer have that 90mph fastball that it takes to play at the level that colleges demand.
We had tried just “ throwing off the mound “, ( we even have a mound in our basement,) Tossing hundreds of feet ( we have a huge , open park across the street from our home ), med ball polymetrics , drills and the like. Evan has and has always had very good mechanics, we worked on that since he was younger, but the POWER just never appeared in a big way, no matter what we tried.
It dawned on me that pitching is a skill based AND a strength activity…..strength in the PROPER areas of the body. AND you do NOT have to be big to throw hard. Throwing hard is a % of body weight , NOT total mass or height. You don’t “ grow “ and automatically throw hard.

3X Velocity Program New Orleans

Well, when we got to New Orleans, I was pretty impressed…..there were kids from all over the United States there. Colleges in California, New York, Mississippi, and the like were represented. In fact Evan was the only high schooler at the camp.
I also noticed there were additional college kids at the camp that were helping Brent run things…….I would follow them around, grab them each in private and hear their stories. The stories were all the same…” I threw 80, getting by in college, now I am into the upper 80s, low 90s after doing Brents program for the past year, year and a half—whatever . “
After the camp, we were beyond excited. The program spells out everything you need to be successful….and even though at first it seems somewhat overwhelming, we found Brent was always available to answer our questions. All we needed up here was a local YMCA membership and a 2# med ball that we throw in our basement. We have since been back to Brents 2 more times in the past 6 months, and have plans to go again this coming year. It is great to go back to see the other kids, share success stories and gain even more understanding of high velocity pitching.
And Evans results ? As a 15 year old high school freshman he was at 71 mph when we started. We have him on a gun 2x at 81 mph and he routinely throws into the upper 70s…that was within 6 months of going to Brents first camp. The other young men , as well as Brent explained to us , that Evans velocity should just keep gaining and gaining as he grows and gets stronger….the college boys at the camps all said the same thing…..”man if only we had found Brent and his program when WE were 15 years old !”
Evans team mates are all noticing, and complimenting him on his velocity gains……and not only that, the program also makes you a more powerful hitter and a fielder, a stronger athlete just is a better athlete all the way around.
To those of you that may be wondering, I will tell you to take the plunge, you will never regret it….the the program IS and has been a pivotal moment in Evans career.