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Pitching Velocity DrillsSo you are looking for pitching drills to increase velocity but more important you want the top 5. Let's not beat around the bush here. You need to increase pitching velocity and you need it now. This is why I went ahead and opened up the famous 3X Pitching Velocity Program to bring you the top five 3X pitching drills that will have a significant effect on pitching velocity. Why would I just open up this expensive and highly sought-after program to increase pitching velocity and just give away the top 5 pitching drills to increase pitching velocity for nothing? This is because once you experience the results from these revolutionary pitching velocity drills, you will want more and even more. More importantly, you will want the effectiveness of the entire system over just possessing the individual drills. It can be the difference between having a pitching career that ends in high school or professional baseball. If you haven't already, you need to sign up for the 3 part video series on 30 Days to 5 mph. You can find it on the right side of the page here. This will give you some drills but most importantly, the understanding of what it takes to become a high-velocity pitcher.

The Perfect Program to Increase Velocity

These top 5 pitching drills to increase velocity are not individual magic bullets. They seem like magic bullets if you use them correctly but if you are just going through the motions then nothing will happen. What makes these pitching drills come alive is not only the knowledge of how to use them correctly but how these drills work together to equip you for the heat of battle. To better understand the point I am trying to make, let's use an analogy. Just imagine that you are going to go snow skiing for the first time. Let's make this analogy even more powerful. Just imagine you are going snow skiing for the first time with your new girlfriend. You obviously want to impress her with your ability to cruise the slopes with skill. You immediately surf the web for drills that will help you improve your skiing skills. You find all of these great programs that will teach you how to ski like a pro but you are broke so you opt to just find as many free videos on YouTube on drills for skiing as possible. You start flipping through the videos and you find some drills to follow in your room. So you strap on your skis next to your bed in your apartment and you follow the instructions to perform the drills from the videos. The drills recommend that you position yourself in a certain way on your skis and work on certain positions and movements. You then find more videos to work on other movements like turning and braking. Each drill is different but because you don't have a program you are having to pull it all together the best you can. You practice this for several days before making the trip with your girlfriend to the slopes. You both arrive at the ski resort and immediately get geared up for the day. On the way up to the slopes, you find out that your girlfriend has been skiing all of her life and is pretty good. You get nervous but you practiced the skiing drills enough that the instruction is clear in your mind. Your girlfriend makes the lead down the slope and you jump in right behind her. All of a sudden you are heading down the slope with some good speed. Your heart starts beating because your first turn is coming up. The anxiety is so bad at this point that everything you learned from the videos just about went out the window. Just before arriving at the turn, you remember one of the movements for turning last second and you do your best. The problem is you are going so fast that the forces from the turn propelled you through the air and you land flat on your face. What happened? Why was all of that training wasted in the heat of the moment? First, the drill training only worked on pieces of the overall movement as you selectively grabbed them from YouTube. The videos did not connect one movement to the other because they did not come in a systematic format. Second, the drills did not effectively train the adaptation of the movements when more force was applied, especially adding more forces or resistance to enhance your ability to handle the movements at a more advanced level. Finally, the videos didn't give you enough high-speed reps and sets over time to program these movements into your muscle memory. Without this systematic approach to developing the advanced skier the time taken to surf and watch the videos were wasted and you looked like a fool!!!

The System is More Effective than the Pitching Drill

Pitching System DrillsHopefully, this little analogy taught you the value of the system over just the individual drill or drills. If this didn't help then maybe this picture will do it. This is a picture of the gears that make up the machine or the system. Each individual gear represents a pitching drill. Separately they have very little effect but working together as a whole they can power anything. The real secret to pitching velocity is in the proven system or program. You will learn, if you haven't already, that just cherry-picking drills from other programs will develop your program but it is not a proven program. Just imagine spending the next two years trying to prove your own system to be better but in the end, it proves you wrong. You don't have this kind of time to develop your own system and prove it right. You barely have enough time to use my system and use it to prove everyone else wrong. The lesson here is that you need to stop just looking for the drills so you can develop your own system and find a program that you believe in and make the commitment before your career is over. The only reason you should use these drills below is to learn more about the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. If you experience a pitching velocity increase from just using these pitching drills below, just imagine the power of the entire system at work in your career. Who knows who you are capable of becoming now? Ultimately, you will be capable of reaching your Top Velocity.

The Top Five 3X Pitching Velocity Drills

All of these drills below come from the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. I took it right out of the books. This is a small portion of the entire system. There is a ton more to gain and learn when you commit to the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. For example, you will have the instructional videos for all of these 3X drills, the system calendars, and much, much, much more. 3X Before Front Foot Strike1. 3X Before Front Foot Strike (The 3X Pitching Beginners Guide) This drill is important when first learning how to achieve Triple Extension (3X) or 3X before front foot strike. Most young pitchers do not have the motor coordination to implement this critical velocity component into their pitching delivery along with the power which we will develop in the strength and conditioning program. It is necessary to perform this drill as often as listed in the system calendar to develop motor coordination before it can be used in your pitching delivery. Follow these steps to perform the drill correctly. Power Pads

Step #1 - Start in a full stride, a full stride should be 80-90% of your body height. Make sure that when you are in your full stride that you are still capable of moving. You do not want to be unable to move in this position because you cannot physically hold your weight in this position. If you are having a hard time standing then shorten the stride just a little. The more you perform this drill and the stronger you get, you can slowly begin to increase your stride. Make sure that both of your feet are facing forward like in the picture above. You are on the power pads of your back or drive leg. The power pads are the area from the ball of the foot to the arc (See picture). Your upper body should be relaxed with your chest up and weight more over your back leg. 3X Before Front Foot Strike Pitching Drill

Step #2 - To start the drill, lift your front leg and load your weight on your drive leg. The goal of the drill is to achieve full Triple Extension before your front foot lands. This means you must extend your ankle, knee, and hip flexor before front foot strike. If you are able to do this you will hear your foot drag before your front foot lands. If you are struggling to achieve 3X before the front foot strike, make sure that your weight is staying over your drive leg as long as possible and that you are firing your drive leg as quickly as possible, just as you would if you were jumping in a linear direction. You are launching yourself through your stride in an explosive manner. When first learning this drill take as many reps as needed until you start to get better at performing the drill correctly. Once you feel comfortable with the drill then you can follow the reps and sets in the system calendar.

2. 3X Before Front Foot Strike Drive Drills

(The 3X Pitching Beginners Guide)

3X Drive Drills

This drill adds one extra step to the previous drill. Once you have mastered the previous drill then you are ready to add in the drive drills. After you perform 3X before front foot strike, instead of starting a new rep, continue to drive three times total, covering more ground. Each drive you should feel your stride opening up more and you relaxing more into your drives. You want to cover as much distance as possible. Challenge yourself to drive as far as you can within the three drives. Do not let your feet turn away from the direction you are heading. Remember this is a drive so do not get caught slowing down and shortening up your stride. Launch yourself and get going fast!

3. The 3X Sled

(The 3X Pitching Beginners Guide) This drill is used to train the Force Vector and Triple Extension in the drive leg. You will need a weight belt and resistance tubing or a training sled and harness.The 3X Sled 1 Pitching Drill

Step #1 - Start in the pitching stretch position on flat ground with the ball in your glove and a weight belt or harness around your hips. The resistance must pull from the second base. If you are using resistance tubing then you need a partner to hold the tubing.

The 3X Sled 2 Pitching DrillStep #2 - To begin the drill, lift your leg and while leading with your front hip, allow your lift leg to pull back towards the second base. Start your hip drive towards the plate as soon as possible and focus on getting your Force Vector in line with your front hip and in the direction of the target. The 3X Sled 3 Pitching Drill

Step #3 - In the "Load" position make sure that you have good flex- ion in your drive leg so you can triple extend your drive leg before the front foot strike. You want to attempt to pull your partner along or the weighted sled. You should land in a full stride with your feet straight and your shoulders closed. Your throwing arm is in the cocked position and your glove elbow is in line with the target. You should have good hip-to-shoulder separation in this landing position.

4. Med Throws Separation, Momentum

(Ace Pitcher Handbook) This drill must be performed with a medicine ball. Start with a 2-pound med ball the size of a volleyball and do not exceed this amount of weight. You will need a target or partner to perform the med throws. The distance of throws should be 30 - 45 feet. Visit if you need to purchase these items. Med Ball Throws Pitching Drill

Step #1 - Start in “Separation” with your feet close together. Your feet are facing the target and your hips are open. Your weight is back and your shoulders are closed. The ball is placed over your throwing shoulder while you are looking over your other shoulder. Relax your arms and sit on your back leg. Med Ball Throws Pitching Drill

Step #2 - Generate momentum in your hips with your weight back while you build a full stride. Before your front foot lands your drive leg must reach a triple extension with your shoulders closed. After your front foot lands, your knee must stabilize as your chest absorbs the momentum from the lower body and accelerates toward the target.

Step #3 - Once your chest is over your front foot and your chin is up with your arms pulling back, then you can release the elastic energy in your core and arms and launch the ball towards the target. * You must keep your weight back and your shoulders closed until your front foot lands. You must also achieve triple extension in the drive leg before the front foot strike. This is the only way to create optimal core torque which will allow you to reach your top velocity.

5. Assistance Throws Separation, Momentum

(3X Pitching Level 2) This drill must be performed with a baseball. Start with a baseball and the recoil resistance trainer. You will also need a target and if necessary, a partner to perform the throws. This drill can also be performed on a mound or with a med ball. The distance of throws should be 45 - 60 feet. Visit if you need to purchase these items. The Recoil Resistance Trainer can be found in the Extras category.

Step #1 -  This drill is set up the same as the full stride drill. The only difference is that you are starting with your feet closer together similar to starting in the stretch. Your focus here is building more momentum through your stride using the recoil trainer to help accelerate your momentum as quickly as possible.

Assistance Throws 2 Pitching DrillStep #2 - As you begin your stride aline your force vector with your target as soon as possible, so you can then move into an explosive triple extension assisted by the recoil trainer. Your shoulders must remain in line toward the target with your throwing arm cocked and your glove side closed as well. Work to achieve triple extension before front foot strike. At the front foot strike, you must work very hard to stabilize the front knee.Assistance Throws 3 Pitching Drill

Step #3 - The key to using this extra power is to convert it into hip-to-shoulder separation at the front foot strike. This will only happen with a strong front leg stopping all momentum along with keeping your shoulder closed all the way into the front foot strike. At this point in the delivery, you can just let your shoulders fire toward the target continuing to stabilize the front leg.

You Will Find All These Drills and So Much More Here!

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