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Improve Pitching MechanicsIf you are looking for ways to improve your pitching mechanics then there are more ways than just one. It is most effective when working to improve pitching mechanics that you use as many tools as possible to make you the best pitcher you can be. Before you set out to learn these tools you need to first learn what perfect pitching mechanics are.
The conventional wisdom of this game has it all wrong in most cases. The conventional wisdom teaches pitching mechanically more from the top down than the ground up. Those coaches who coach with the conventional wisdom of this game have a very poor understanding of how the lower half movements drive the upper half which is critical to improving pitching mechanics.
This poor knowledge of science driven efficient and effective pitching mechanics even exists at the top levels of this game. I have worked with a few organizations at the MLB level and many professional pitchers and I have found the same conventional wisdom there that exists in lower level high school and college baseball.
In this article, I will not only lay out a basic understanding of effective and efficient pitching mechanics using the foundation of 3X Pitching but I will give you the top 10 ways to improve your pitching mechanics. This should not only give you an approach to pitching that will increase pitching velocity and reduce the risk of injury but the tools needed to learn this approach and apply it to your delivery.

3X Pitching Mechanics

This is a revolutionary approach to pitching velocity that I have spent my entire career researching, testing and perfecting. It is now being used at all levels of the game of baseball and has become a well know name. In this approach I coined the term Triple Extension and the Force Vector which are some of the core principles of the approach.
To put this complex system into a simple nutshell I have developed the 2 Phase Delivery. The Two Phase Delivery starts with the Stride Phase. This is from when the hips first move towards the target and ends at front foot strike. This phase of the delivery is around .6, .7 seconds in the high velocity pitcher. Most of the ground reaction forces of the high velocity pitcher is generated in this phase. The throwing arm in the stride phase is not throwing the ball, it is only moving into the cocked position. Once the throwing arm is in the cocked position the next phase is ready to begin.
This next phase is called the Throwing Phase. This phase is from front foot strike to pitch release. This phase is around .1, .2 seconds in the high velocity pitcher. Because this phase is a completely different pattern of movement than the previous phase then there is a good chance that the throwing phase is just a reaction to the stride phase. Many studies link the source of the shoulder orientation and arm action in the throwing phase as coming from the stride phase.
To learn more about this 2 Phase delivery checkout this instructional video:

Top Ten Ways to Improve Pitching Mechanics

Now that you have a basic understanding of elite pitching mechanics then you will truly benefit from these top 10 ways to improve your pitching mechanics. Here is the list!

  1. AthleticismEnhance Your Athleticism - What drives good pitching mechanics but the athletes ability to move his body efficiently and effectively. This is referred to as athleticism. Want to improve pitching mechanics, become a better athlete so it is easier to move your body like an elite athlete/pitcher. The career of Bo Jackson is the perfect example of athleticism and its power in the game. To learn more about pitching and the athlete checkout this article called, Athleticism Defines the Pitching Mechanism.
  2. Video Analysis PitchingPitching Video Analysis - Most everyone learns visually. It is a valuable teaching and training tool. Filming yourself pitching and then analyzing this video or comparing yourself to an elite pitcher using the 3X Pitching Mechanics will help you learn where you need to make pitching mechanics improvements. You can also use to have your pitching video analyzed.
  3. Perfect Pitching MechanicsStudy Video of Professional Pitchers with Perfect Pitching Mechanics - Even if you can not or have not filmed yourself pitching, studying video of several different types of professional pitchers using the 3X Pitching Mechanics will help you learn how different body types achieve the same results so you can better fit your body type into the 3X Pitching Mechanics model. The goal is to study pitchers who have your similar body type.
  4. ASMI Pitching ScienceStudy The Science of Elite Pitching Mechanics - There are a countless number of case studies online that give insight into what is good or high velocity pitching mechanics. The 3X Pitching Mechanics has tons of references to these studies. Learning these studies on top of the 3X Pitching Mechanics will take your knowledge of perfect pitching mechanics to the next level. Google Scholar is a great search engine for these studies.
  5. Pitching Velocity DrillsUse Science Driven Pitching Drills - Now that you should have a solid understanding of elite pitching mechanics then you need to use science driven pitching drills to program these movements into your pitching delivery. It is working backwards to try and improve pitching mechanics by just throwing more which is only reinforcing your current pitching mechanical flaws. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program has tons of these types of pitching drills to help you improve your pitching mechanics.
  6. Visualization TrainingVisualization Training of Perfect Pitching Mechanics - Your body can only handle so much physical training and abuse. Your brain can handle a lot more. Using visualization training to improve pitching mechanics is key to take your game to the top level. Elite athletes in all sports use this type of training on a regular basis. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program has a series of visualization training to improve pitching mechanics.
  7. Warmup Pitching MechanicsNever Throw a Baseball Without Focusing on Perfect Pitching Mechanics - Most pitchers don't realize that your warmup pitches and every single ball that you throw outside of the bullpen and the game is just as important as the pitches you throw in the game. Your body is always reprogramming itself. Never throw a baseball without focusing on perfect pitching mechanics. How do you think slumps happen? This is both true for hitters and pitchers.
  8. OverthrowingDon't Over Throw - Overusing the throwing arm is not only bad for the shoulder and elbow joints but it also can ruin elite pitching mechanics. When your body is fatigued it changes the biomechanics to survive the abuse. Once a muscle fatigues other muscles take over to prevent damage. This creates changes in body movements. These changes during overthrowing is then being programmed into your pitching mechanics which can ruin your perfect pitching mechanics.
  9. Elite Pitching PartnerThrow With Other Pitchers Who Have Elite Pitching Mechanics - Picking throwing partners who have elite pitching mechanics or pitching mechanics better than you will help you develop better pitching mechanics. This works because we all copy or impersonate eachother even when we don't know it. I always found the hardest thrower on the team to be my throwing partner when most people didn't want to throw with him. Eventually, I became the hardest thrower on the team.
  10. 3X VCampCome to a 3X Pitching Velocity Camp - Working with me at a 3X VCamp is the ultimate experience because we have all of these tools and information you need to develop elite pitching mechanics and we are as determined or more determined than you to develop you into a 90+mph pitcher.

3X Pitching Velocity Camp

Coming to a 3X Velocity Camp here just outside of New Orleans, LA. is a good investment in your career but it must be compared to months and months of pitching velocity training. You will spend hundreds of hours in the 3X Pitching Programs with our resources here at supporting you all the way. Believe me, when you reach 90+mph you will quickly learn how valuable this 3X VCamp was to your pitching career. The point is, stop wasting your time and money with conventional pitching instruction and gain a much bigger return for your time and money with 3X Pitching.
I would hate for you to not take your game to this level of training because it was to far or to expensive. We will do our best to make this a reality for you, so please contact us if you need any help with registering for the camp. Just listen to the testimonials here if you want to learn how the 3X VCamp has changed pitching careers.
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