Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

This isn't going to be your conventional article on improving arm strength for baseball. First off it has more to do with leg and core strength than arm strength but don't worry about that because when you finish this article you will know everything it takes to throw the crap out of a baseball.
If you are a pitcher or a position player it doesn't matter. I am going to just focus on pure ball speed coming out of the body. Some of the specimens I like to use as examples of high ball speed players is Aroldis Chapman for pitchers and Rick Ankiel for position players. I would highly recommend that you study slow motion video of these ball players.
You will learn that the main difference between the positions is the foot work and the stride but once the front foot lands it is almost all the same. You will learn quickly in this article that ball speed comes from the amount of force production you can multiple up your kinetic chain as quickly as possible.
In this article, I will first go over the throwing mechanics that are important to ball speed and then I will dive right into the top 10 ways to improve arm strength for baseball so you can throw the hell out of the ball. Last I will leave you with two of the top ball speed programs that you can find. The results found in the testimonials speak for themselves.

High Ball Speed Throwing Mechanics

I will break the throwing mechanics up between pitchers and position players. The main difference is that position players build up momentum before the final stride and pitchers do not have that luxury. Here is the break down of high ball speed mechanics for pitchers and position players. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program and the 2X Velocity Program go more in-depth into the details behind these basic set of throwing mechanics listed below for pitchers and position players.

  1. Lift Leg Momentum - The lift leg of the pitcher will be used to assist momentum but most importantly the lift leg will control the timing of hip rotation which is critical for high velocity pitchers.
  2. The Load Position - This is the most poorly coached position in the pitching delivery. This is the moment when the pitcher must put the drive leg in a linear and flexed position before front foot strike, so the pitcher can generate lower half power.
  3. Triple Extension & Separation - This is the moment in the high velocity pitching delivery when the pitcher maximizes power and converts this power into the upper chain with hip to shoulder separation. Triple Extension is the extension of the ankle, knee and hip flexor.
  4. Chest thrust & External Rotation - This is the most effective way for a pitcher to continue to transfer the lower half power into the arm. During shoulder rotation the pitcher should not launch the arm. The chest should push forward as the arm lays back into maximum external rotation.
  5. Elbow Extension & Internal Rotation - High velocity pitchers will move the throwing arm into elbow extension and internal rotation faster than lower velocity pitchers.
  6. Stabilization - This occurred at the moment of front foot strike. The high velocity pitcher will land with no added flexion of the landing leg knee.

Position Players:

  1. Drive Shuffle Step - Each position will use a different pattern of steps toward the target that will help them generate the needed momentum to power the throwing and will also help them organize the body to more efficiently transfer this power into the ball.
  2. Foot Plant - This is the moment at any position where the momentum generated before this component will be transferred up the body into the ball.
  3. The Load Position - This is very similar to the pitcher's Load Position but it is not as linear and not as flexed.
  4. 2X & Separation - This is the moment the position player assists his momentum with a less than maximum leg drive only through the extension of the drive leg ankle and hip flexor. This is also the moment when this moment and power is transferred into the upper kinetic chain.
  5. Chest thrust & External Rotation - Just like the pitcher this is what must occur during shoulder rotation to continue to transfer and multiple forces into the throwing arm.
  6. Elbow Extension & Internal Rotation - Just like the pitcher the position player must move into elbow extension and internal rotation immediately following the previous component.
  7. Stabilization - Finally just like the pitcher the front leg must not move after front foot strike.

Top Ten Ways to Improve Arm Strength for Baseball

To be more accurate it should read Top Ten Ways to Improve Arm Speed for Baseball. These 10 tips will focus on how to train or develop the ability to improve arm strength/speed mainly through more force production. Basically how to develop the power needed to throw harder. It is also critical that you follow the throwing mechanics listed above and in the 3X and 2X programs.
This top ten list is goals and measurements that a pitcher or position player should work to achieve if he is going to have the ability to throw 90+mph. The 3X and 2X programs are built to help you work towards these goals.

  1. Drop Your 60 Time to Under 7 Seconds.
  2. Build Your Front Squat Over 1.5X Your Body Weight.
  3. Build Your Power Clean Over 1.3X Your Body Weight
  4. Get Your Vertical Jump Well Over 30 Inches.
  5. Build Your Bench Press to Over 1.5X Your Body Weight.
  6. Perform the 3X or 2X Med and Target Throws 2-3X Per Week.
  7. Build Your OverHead Squat To Your Body Weight.
  8. Build Your Pullup Strength to Over 1.5X Your Body Weight with Fat Grips.
  9. Train Better Throwing Mechanics with a Radar Gun to Measure Your Improvements
  10. Visualize Yourself Throwing Harder and Become a Believer.

Top Throwing Velocity Programs for all Positions

3X Pitching Velocity ProgramThe 3X Pitching Velocity Program is a comprehensive Throwing/Strength and Conditioning/Anaerobic Conditioning program used to develop the high velocity pitcher. It is not your typical velocity program. It is a complete training system to develop the elite pitcher. You can learn more here: 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program
2X Velocity ProgramThe 2X Velocity Program is a throwing velocity and 60 yard dash improvement program built to develop a top prospect player profile for the position player. There is nothing of its kind on the internet and is extremely effective in improving throwing velocity from all positions, pop time for catchers, 60 yard sprints using a Throwing/Sprint Technique/Strength and Conditioning/Anaerobic Conditioning program. You can learn more here: 2X Velocity Program