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10 Secrets to MLB Draft PitchersDo you want to play at the next level? I have the top 10 secrets to getting drafted as a pitcher, which will give you the tips you need to take your game to a professional level.

How did I get this information? I was lucky enough to work on the 2014 MLB Draft. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about what these big-league organizations are looking for. Out of the 40-50 pitchers I analyzed, many of them were drafted and many of them did about 10 things really, really well but one in particular. The answer is in number 1 below!

Do yourself a favor and do NOT just shoot down to the top 10 secrets to getting drafted as a pitcher, read them and then leave. This would be a major mistake! Take some time to take notes, study what I am giving you and take it seriously. This information will give you the edge that you need to get drafted or sign a professional contract and live the dream!

I promise, don't screw around with this information. Once you have learned and understand at a high level these secrets to getting drafted as a pitcher in this article then the following steps that are critical to your success of actually being drafted will be listed below. Take the full 10 minutes you will need to learn this game-changing information because without truly understanding this information, you will not know why you need to follow the critical steps listed below which will considerably increase your chances of being drafted in the future.

The Major League Baseball Player Draft

First off it isn't easy getting drafted in the MLB. Duh right? This is why only an extremely small percentage of pitchers in this game are drafted in the MLB each year. I wasn't drafted and I know many big league players who were never drafted. It obviously isn't the only way to play professional baseball but in the case of this article, this is all I will focus on, getting drafted as a pitcher in the MLB.

The MLB player draft is for those players who have gained enough exposure and value as an amateur to where many MLB teams are interested in signing them. The MLB draft is a way for the organization to level the playing field. It should be obvious that those players who are not drafted but sign MLB contracts were not highly sought after. So, if you are ever going to find yourself as a potential draft pick, you will need to gain the high level of exposure and value that is common to these potential draft picks. Here is a list of qualities that make an amateur pitcher valuable to an MLB team and a potential draft pick. This list is the foundation for the secrets to being drafted as a pitcher below.

  1. 90+mph Pitching Velocity - 90mph has always been the magic number for pitching velocity. This doesn't mean that if you do not throw 90mph then you can not get drafted. You will just find that the majority of those drafted are 90+mph.
  2. 90+mph Average Pitching Velocity - Even more important than topping out in the '90s is being able to remain consistently in the '90s. I would be more concerned about my average pitching velocity than my maximum pitching velocity.
  3. Efficient Pitching Mechanics - If you can throw in the 90s but your pitching mechanics are inefficient then this could decrease your value in the draft. As the MLB gets better at understanding project-ability when it comes to pitching mechanics this issue will grow even more important to an amateur's value in the draft. In my experience, I see pitchers who have poor lower-half mechanics do not last long in professional baseball as they age.
  4. Pitch-ability at a High Level - Pitching velocity is great and pitching mechanics are important but if you can not use it on a mound, in a game, at a high level then it is all wasted. You have to show at least some sign that you can compete with your talent. This is when statistics become critical to establishing your value in this game.
  5. MLB Body Size - Out of the 40-50 pitchers that I analyzed for the 2014 MLB Draft, the average body height was 6'2-6'3 and the average body weight was 190-200lbs. This is definitely not the average when it comes to most amateur pitchers. You can obviously influence body weight or body height which should be done in your training programs.
  6. High Level of Consistency - It isn't good enough to prove your value at the MLB level if you are only 90+mph every now and then. You have to be consistently 90+mph and most organizations will see you in action 3-4 times or more before they put you on their draft radar.
  7. Hight Level Mental Game - You can have all the physical tools to play at the MLB level but if you are a mess on the mound mentally then this could ruin everything. You need to show that you can handle pressure at all levels. They need to have confidence that they can be thrown into the fire and not only survive but thrive because this is what professional baseball is all about.

Top Ten Secrets to Getting Drafted as a Pitcher

  1. Develop Elite Pitching Mechanics - Now, with what science is proving to be efficient pitching mechanics like defined in the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guides in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, you need to improve this key part of your game to show that you will not only survive the workload at the professional level but that you have much room for improvement. You will need a drill-based throwing program built to train these high-velocity mechanics.
  2. Enhance Your Body Size - If your growth plates are still open using a good strength and conditioning program, like the Fusion System in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, could add some support to your growth spurts. It will also have a significant impact on your body mass which will help you build the body size of a big-league pitcher.
  3. Increase Your Pitching Velocity - This takes more than just good pitching mechanics. This takes faster hip, trunk, and shoulder speeds which can only be improved by drills, lifts, and exercises specifically designed for the high-velocity pitcher like in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.
  4. Develop an Elite Pitch or Two - Once you have amped up that fastball on the 3X Pitching Velocity Program then you will need a second pitch to complement it. A good change and breaking ball if needed will do the trick.
  5. Train to Become More Consistent - Consistency is the ability to throw strikes with your high-velocity mechanics, day in and day out. This consistency purely comes from repetition and anaerobic conditioning. The problem for most pitchers is that if they put in the number of reps a hitter uses daily to improve his game then their arms would fall off. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program it uses a two-hand med ball throw to remove the stress on the arm so the number of reps can be extended. These core throwing drills from the 3X Pitching Velocity Program along with the anaerobic conditioning routine from the Fusion System are extremely effective in improving consistency.
  6. Improve Your Pitch-ability - I highly recommend that you study the science of EV. This is called Effective Velocity. This will teach you how to effectively use your pitches to have more success in the strike zone. This ability to dominate in the zone is another key component to your value in the draft. When I think of a big league pitcher who had a high level of pitch ability with a low level of physical ability, I think of Barry Zito. He could dominate Big League hitters at 84-85mph.
  7. Carry Yourself with Confidence - There is an intimidation factor in this game. Those that create the impression of dominance on the mound with the tools to back it up are always the ones dominating on the mound. This secret is the icing on the cake. First, you have to develop the tools to dominate on the mound, like with the other secrets, then it is critical that you make it known that you have the confidence to take control of the game.
  8. Separate Yourself From Your Competition - On the lines of the previous secret, once you become that dominant force on the field then you need to always separate yourself from the competition. This means never play at your competition level if that level is below you. The trick is not letting yourself ever get comfortable on the mound, I mean ever! If a scout sees you pitching to a better team and dominating, then the next game you are playing a weak team and you are struggling, this will really hurt your value as a draftable pitcher.
  9. Don't Be Satisfied With Where You Are - Once again, along the lines of the previous secrets, do not let yourself be satisfied with where you are. I have seen it time and time again, pitchers get to a ball speed they like, or get on a high-level team, or even get drafted and then they become content and everything comes to a stop. They stop getting better, they stop working hard, they stop caring, and eventually, their career stops moving forward. It is a sad thing to watch but it is reality and failure is always right around the corner of success.
  10. Get More Exposure - You may one day through 90+mph, you may one day become the best prospect Major League Baseball has ever seen but if you are hidden in some little town in the middle of nowhere then you are the best prospect Major League Baseball has never seen and probably never will. Get over yourself. This game is a business at the professional level and like any business, you must market yourself if you want more exposure. The best way to market yourself is by putting yourself in high-level competition, in front of as many scouts as possible, and dominating the game. There is no better exposure than that!

3X Pitching Velocity Program for the MLB Draft

3x-extreme-pitching-velocity-programThis program has helped tons of pitchers live the dream of getting drafted by a Major League Organization. Many scouts in all organizations of professional baseball have recommended this program to help young pitchers add 5-10mph to improve their value in the draft.

The reason the 3X Pitching Velocity Program works is that it is based on science and it has been proven to work on hundreds of pitchers who have moved from the low-velocity level into the high-velocity level in the 3X programs. It isn't rocket science or voodoo, it is real. The program comes with a high-level workload of drills, lifts, and exercises scientifically designed to enhance throwing speed on the mound while developing an efficient pitching delivery. The format of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is similar to the same approach Olympic throwers have been using for decades to increase throwing velocity. This approach isn't new to the sports world but it is new to baseball.

If you are serious about your career and are insanely driven to put yourself into an extremely small percentage of pitchers who are potential draft picks then this program is the best chance you have to make your dreams come true.
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