So you pitch more like the Beauty than the Beast. I know what that feels like, I felt the same way after arm surgery. It was really depressing and I wanted to quit but I couldn’t give up on my passion. That is when I decided to become the Beast.

It took me to stop listening to the conventional wisdom of baseball which wanted me to be more like the Princess. The conventional wisdom was telling me to not lift heavy, use high reps, stretch and get more flexible, loss weight, run long distance, everything a teenage girl would do to get ready for the Prom.

I will never forget the day I realized I was training more like the Princess than the Beast when my girlfriend at the time ask if she could train with me. I wanted to say to her than my training was too hard for you but then I realized it was no different than her softball training program. That is when I took a deep look at how I was developing through my career and I quickly decided to make a major change. I was ready to become the Beast.

In the video below you will learn what it takes to become the high velocity pitcher with the top ten tips to throwing harder. You will also learn more about my pitching career and how I developed the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which turned me into a beast and got me into pro ball. It also helped many others do the same. You will also learn some of the top scientific case studies to throwing harder along with the pitching mechanics to make this happen.