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Are you dealing with how to treat sore shoulder from baseball throwing? If you’re a baseball player, you know that shoulder pain is not just an inconvenience—it can significantly impact your performance on the field. But fret not, as recent insights from the world of sports science offer promising solutions. A groundbreaking study by Cross, J. A., et al. (2023) sheds new light on how shoulder strength, pitching mechanics, and ultimately, pitch velocity interconnect. In this article, we’ll translate these scientific findings into practical advice that any player can follow to keep their throwing arm healthy and their fastball fiery.

Understanding How to Treat Sore Shoulder From Baseball Throwing

treat sore shoulder from baseballThe study makes a compelling case for the importance of shoulder rotational strength in pitchers. Simply put, a strong shoulder can not only enhance your pitch velocity but also safeguard against injury. The researchers observed significant correlations between the strength of internal (IR) and external rotators (ER) and the amount of force the shoulder can handle when you're pitching at full tilt.

Key Takeaways: How to Treat Sore Shoulder From Baseball Throwing

  • Increasing shoulder rotational strength, particularly in external rotators, may boost your pitching speed.
  • A well-balanced strength ratio between internal and external rotators is critical to mitigate the risk of injury.

Decoding the Science on How to Treat Sore Shoulder From Baseball Throwing

So what does this mean for the player experiencing shoulder soreness? It implies that while rest and ice can provide immediate relief, long-term prevention comes from a carefully crafted strength training regimen. Focusing on both concentric (muscle shortening) and eccentric (muscle lengthening) strength of your shoulder's internal and external rotators could be the game-changer.

Practical Strategies for Prevention and Recovery:

  1. Warm-Up Properly: Prioritize dynamic stretches that prepare your shoulder for the wide range of motion required when pitching.
  2. Strengthen Wisely: Integrate exercises that specifically target the external rotators for both concentric and eccentric strength.
  3. Maintain Balance: Ensure your workout routine addresses the strength balance between the IR and ER to avoid overcompensation injuries.
  4. Pitch Smart: Work with coaches who emphasize proper pitching mechanics to reduce undue stress on your shoulder.
  5. Cool Down: After playing, engage in cool-down activities that ease your shoulder muscles, like gentle stretching and using a foam roller.

The Role of Range of Motion (ROM)

treat sore shoulder from baseballInterestingly, the study also pointed out that the total range of motion (ROM) of the shoulder did not show a significant correlation with the shoulder's ability to withstand the stress of pitching. This suggests that simply being more flexible won’t necessarily protect you from soreness or injury.

For the Player's Notebook: How to Treat Sore Shoulder From Baseball Throwing

  • Focus more on functional strength rather than just increasing your shoulder's ROM.
  • Incorporate exercises that mimic the pitching motion to ensure the strength gained is applicable on the mound.

Training Insights for the Modern Pitcher

It’s clear that pitchers must think beyond the conventional training paradigms. Modern training programs need to be multifaceted, including not just throwing drills but also targeted strength training, biomechanical analysis, and injury prevention protocols.

In the Bullpen: How to Treat Sore Shoulder From Baseball Throwing

  • Consider professional evaluations to tailor strength training to your specific needs.
  • Regularly assess the balance of strength in your shoulder to adjust your training as needed.
  • Educate yourself on the mechanics of pitching and how each phase of the throw impacts your shoulder.

Maximizing Shoulder Strength and Flexibility: Routine #1

treat sore shoulder from baseballWelcome to our foundational Shoulder Routine #1, meticulously designed for athletes seeking to fortify their shoulders, enhance flexibility, and fine-tune their throwing mechanics. As a pitcher, the integrity of your shoulder is pivotal to your performance and longevity in the game. This routine is tailored with precision to target the smaller, often neglected muscle groups that are crucial for a robust and resilient shoulder joint.

Embarking on this journey, we'll initiate with lighter weights, emphasizing meticulous form and control to awaken those stabilizing muscles. Through a series of dynamic exercises, each complemented by specific pitch grips, you will not only build strength but also mirror the intricate movements of your pitching arsenal, reinforcing muscle memory and functional strength.

The routine below is sequenced to progressively engage your shoulder muscles, starting from simple rotations and culminating in more complex movements, all while incorporating the nuances of different pitch grips. Whether you're in the early stages of your career or a seasoned pro, these exercises are designed to be scalable to your skill level and shoulder health.

Let's strengthen the engine of your pitching power—your shoulders—with:

Shoulder Routine #1: How to Treat Sore Shoulder From Baseball Throwing

  • Circle Curls
    • Begin with a light dumbbell (3 to 5 pounds) to focus on smaller shoulder muscles.
    • Start with the right arm, palm up, then rotate to palm down, creating a circular motion.
    • Perform all repetitions in succession, alternating between palm up and palm down.
  • Thumb Flips
    • With the dumbbell in hand, alternate between thumb up and thumb down.
    • This motion is continuous and should be done for the prescribed number of reps.
  • Shoulder Extensions with Pitch Grips
    • Start with arms flexed at shoulder height.
    • Extend arms outwards with the palm facing down for a "fastball grip."
    • Rotate to a "curveball grip" with the thumb up.
    • Continue rotating to a "changeup grip" with the thumb down.
    • Alternate grips with each extension.
  • Up and Outs with Grips
    • Stand with hands together and arms straight.
    • Lift arms up and rotate outwards.
    • Incorporate pitch grips at the top of the motion:
      • Fastball: Thumb up
      • Curveball: Rotate to thumb up
      • Changeup: Rotate thumb down
  • Windmills with Pitch Grips
    • Begin with hands at sides and extend arms all the way up and palms together.
    • Perform the windmill motion while alternating pitch grips:
      • Fastball: Palms together
      • Curveball: Thumbs together
      • Changeup: Back of hands together
  • Lawnmowers with Grips
    • Lean forward, mimicking the motion of starting a lawnmower, one arm at a time.
    • Alternate grips with each "pull":
      • Fastball: Standard grip
      • Curveball: Thumb up
      • Changeup: Rotate to thumb down
  • Bent Up and Outs with Grips
    • Lean over with arms hanging down and pull towards the chest, extending up and back.
    • Alternate pitch grips:
      • Fastball: Normal extension
      • Curveball: Thumb up
      • Changeup: Rotate to thumb down
  • External Rotation with Positive and Negative
    • Begin with elbow at shoulder height and rotate upwards for a positive rotation.
    • Incorporate pitch grips:
      • Fastball: Rotate up
      • Curveball: Thumb up
      • Changeup: Thumb down
    • For negatives, start with arm up and decelerate to parallel, then back, working on exertion.
  • Crosses (Windshield Wipers)
    • Imagine windshield wiper motions, one arm up and one down, elbows pointing out.
    • Reverse the positions in a crossing motion, maintaining thumb up without pitch grips.
    • Alternate crossing in and out, considering each cross as one rep.

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Cross, J. A., Higgins, A. W., Dziuk, C. C., Harris, G. F., & Raasch, W. G. (2023). Relationships among shoulder rotational strength, range of motion, pitching kinetics, and pitch velocity in collegiate baseball pitchers. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research37(1), 129-135.