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Paxtonia PA Pitching InstructorPaxtonia 3X Coach Name: Coach Tom Albani
Paxtonia Business Phone: 631-255-6971
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It is required that all pitchers purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program before starting the 3X Pitching Velocity Program with a 3X Certified Coach.

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Tom Albani, originally from Long Island New York, played for the Mount Sinai Mustangs. He attended Messiah College in Grantham Pennsylvania and is currently a teacher in the public school system outside of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Growing up he was fascinated with the game of baseball, particularly the art of pitching. He was fortunate to have been coached by very knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, who motivated Tom to pursue coaching at a young age. He has been coaching since high school and had the opportunity to work for Little League Headquarters in Williamsport, PA as the lead pitching instructor, and at Keith Osik’s baseball school on Long Island NY.
Tom has done extensive research over the years to find the best resources and information to help pitchers reach their full potential. He has developed and created his own podcasts series on pitching mechanics to help those who are searching for answers. It was through his research that he found the 3X Velocity program. He has had the opportunity to train at a 3x Velocity Camp in order to teach effectively this thorough and comprehensive approach to training a power pitcher. What he likes the most about the 3x training is the evidence- based knowledge gained from a scientific approach to learning, that produces results. “It just makes sense” “It is by far the best pitching program I have ever seen.”
Since hearing about the 3x program Tom has developed his own pitching instruction business located in Paxtonia Pennsylvania. By utilizing the 3x pitching approach, Tom has been able to provide his students with real answers. The guess- work is gone. By utilizing video analysis he can pin point problem areas and develop a strategy to improve quickly and see results. “The parents love it because they can see the progress and they are not throwing their money away on someone guessing.”
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