Fast Twitch Pitching For the Young Baseball Pitcher

Professional Baseball is full of hard throwing tall pitchers. Long and slender pitchers who throw mid to upper 90’s like A.J. Burnett and Aroldis Chapman. At this moment, Major League scouts are combing the earth looking for these rare specimens. This is why it is so exciting when short fast twitch pitching like Tim Lincecum at 5’9 170 pounds, throwing 95 mph, comes along and blows everyone’s mind.

Yes, Tim is a new kind of freak but what he proves is that throwing hard can also be a little mans game. Tim is evidence that the strength and conditioning world is not just hype. It is real and it is the fountain of success for any athlete. It teaches why someone like Tim Lincecum throws as hard as someone the total opposite in size, like A.J. Burnett or Aroldis Chapman. Why doesn’t Major League Baseball teach little guys to throw as hard as big guys? Because they do not have too. Major League Baseball is like a spoiled child. It gets everything it wants. Therefore, they have no need to make what they already have.

In this article, I will talk about how to develop a high velocity pitcher at any size and what it takes to become more of a fast twitch pitcher in this old school game.

How to Develop Fast Twitch Pitching

Fast Twitch pitchingIf you are a tall and skinny freak who throws 90+mph then stop reading and have a great career. If you are like most of us, average in size and believe you have the potential to throw a lot harder without causing injury, then you must begin to learn what the strength and conditioning world has discovered.

The strength and conditioning profession has proven that fast twitch pitching is an anaerobic exercise. An exercise that does not involve oxidation. The systems involved in creating energy for fast twitch pitching, during the anaerobic exercise, are phosphagen and glycolysis systems. This is the use of creatine phosphate and sugars to make ATP (energy). What this means is, if a pitcher trains these systems in the off season then the muscles will remodel more fast twitch muscle fibers to support the anaerobic exercise. More fast twitch muscle fibers means you have a higher capacity and storage of ATP. You also have the ability to recruit more muscle fibers, to add to the intensity of the workload. More muscle fiber recruitment creates more muscle strength during exercise. This increased muscle fiber recruitment during exercise causes more damage in the muscle during fatigue and in return promotes more testosterone to be released in the muscles to heal the damage tissue. This will build more muscle mass for future damage control. These side effects of high intensity anaerobic training, without a doubt, will lead to an increase in velocity. This is why pitchers who get bigger, stronger, faster, throw harder. When I say bigger, I do not exactly mean larger muscles like a body builder, I am talking about muscles that are more dense and explosive. A good example would be a light weight Olympic lifter. They look like little kids and can lift like machines.

Fast Twitch PitchingI have dedicated this website to the secrets of velocity. They are velocity secrets because conventional wisdom doesn’t want you to know. Conventional wisdom sees pitching more as an art, instead of a science and definitely not an athletic event. If you have the desire to take it to the next level of pitching, you are going to have to overcome the old school techniques of coaching this position. You must learn the science of strength and conditioning for athletes. You must understand that if you need the most out of your body, you must learn what that is and what does it take to develop. The first step in this process is questioning conventional wisdom and learning the science in everything you do. The next step is training fast twitch muscle fiber in the off season and maintaining the gains into the season. It isn’t an easy task but done correctly, it will mean the difference from a college career to a professional career or a 85mph fastball to a 90mph fastball.

The #1 Fast Twitch Pitching Training Program

3x-extreme-pitching-velocity-programThis program has helped tons of pitchers live the dream of throwing 90+mph and signing with a D1 University, getting drafted by a Major League Organization and making it back to Major League Baseball. Many scouts in all organizations of baseball have recommended this program to help young pitchers get to the 90+mph range to improve their value at the next level.

The reason the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program works is because it is based off of science and it has been proven to develop the 90+mph fastball on thousands of pitchers. It isn’t rocket science or voodoo, it is the real deal! The program comes with a high level workload of drills, lifts and exercises scientifically programmed to enhance throwing speed on the mound while developing an efficient fast twitch pitching delivery. The format of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is similar to the same approach Olympic throwers have been using for decades to increase throwing velocity. This approach isn’t new to the sports world but it is new to baseball.

If you are serious about your career and are insanely driven to put yourself into an extremely small percentage of pitchers who are potential D1 prospects, top level draft picks or you just want to reach your potential on the mound then this program is the best chance you have to making your dreams come true.

Learn more about the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program or get started TODAY adding 5-10+mph!

3X Pitching Velocity Program

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  • Did you know Tim Lincecum is a long toss freak as well. Plus, I’m sure him long tossing correlates with his mechanics. I love to long toss and I don’t want to baby my arm. I long toss yearly and every season my velo is higher. My senior year of high school I was only 83-88. Now I sit 90-94. I am also 6’3 215 now. Long tossng really helps my arm, I am never sore so I don’t feel a need to ice. When I ice, my arm feels terrible. I like to use Electric shock therapy and heat to get blood flow to speed up healing. Ive never had an arm injury (knock on wood). Look up Vanderbilt’s long tossing regimen and see how many draft picks they have because they don’t baby the arm. Don’t be closed minded about long tossing.

    • Great example of Tim Lincecum. How is long tossing helping him now? He struggles sitting in the low 90’s when he once pitched in the high 90’s. Every baseball player in America long tosses. I did it but I also tore my rotator cuff. I am following the science which says extreme long toss teaches poor mechanics and puts excessive torque on the elbow. I would advise you to open your mind and read this:


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