How Hip Position and Torsion Effects Pitching Velocity

A critical component of the high velocity pitcher is torsion in the drive leg. This is effected by hip position during the stride. Torsion is a twisting force that stabilizes the knee. It is a outward twisting force into external rotation. The high velocity pitcher will keep the drive leg in torsion longer to allow peaking drive leg forces later.

The most effective way to create torsion in the drive leg is the hip position. The hip position best for creating optimal torsion is counter rotating the hips with the linear stride movement. As the hips move down the mound they should slight close more to the target. The drive leg knee must follow this counter rotation which will create torsion. It is important not to over counter rotate the hips because this could cause the delivery to become too rotational.

To learn more about torsion and hip position that supports it, watch this episode of the @TopVelocity #PitchingTips #BaseballTips Show!

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