Pitching Stride Length Equals Leg Strength

Pitching Stride Length Equals Leg StrengthA Pitchers stride length is becoming more of a popular pitching component because of the data coming from the analysis of hard throwers. This data has been collected through video analysis and through the latest radar technology by Trackman. If you have not heard about this ground breaking technology and how it is making today’s radar gun obsolete then I suggest you read my latest article called 3D Doppler Radar Launches 3X Pitching.

The Positives and Negatives of Stride Length

When revolutionary information is uncovered and it begins to move into the realm of conventional wisdom, it will make both a positive and a negative impact. In the case of stride length, the positive impact is that pitchers will start to think more with their lower kinetic chain and start to pitch from the ground up. Done correctly, with optimal leg strength, this could potentially lower the high ratio of arm injuries to young pitchers.

The negative aspects could be increased stride length without increased leg strength or stride speed. This could cause pitchers to just reach out with the lead leg and open up early in their deliveries which will put more stress on the shoulder and elbow when pitching. To prevent this we must understand that the reason these hard throwers have long strides is not because they made this mechanical adjustment to reach out farther but because they are focusing on generating power through the stride phase which is launching them way away from the pitching rubber and creating these long strides. They also understand, cognitively or inherently, that this power is a product of leg strength. Optimal leg strength would allow the pitcher the ability to move through a full range of motion while accelerating the speed of their body. This would not only create long strides but quick stride speeds which is another valuable piece of data coming from the analysis of these explosive pitchers.

What this all means is that to avoid falling into the negatives of this revolutionary scientific information you must equate stride length to leg strength. The inability to understand the importance of this relationship could do more harm than good to your pitching delivery.

Stride length, stride speed and leg strength is the foundation of 3X Pitching. 3X or triple extension is why these hard throwers are ably to mechanically create these incredible stride distances and speeds. This single component, 3X, along with hip to shoulder separation is the only way you will mechanically increase your stride and increase velocity. To effectively implement 3X into your pitching delivery you must first train your body how to generate power with it through a strength and conditioning program that is built around triple extension. By far the best program to do this is called the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

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  • I believe the better word is mobility. Mobility is being able to move easily through a full range of motion. Having the flexibility to bend yourself into a full stride isn't enough for the power pitcher. The power pitcher most not only move into a full stride but they must do this with easy and speed. This takes strength for the pitcher to have increased mobility.

  • I know an explosive core and legs are responsible for stride length, but how do you feel about flexibility? Would you say that increased flexibility can possibley increase stride length?

  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION: a reference to the total action of a muscle(s) and the associated joint(s) in contrast to partial or abbreviated muscle and joint action.

  • Brent what do you mean by full range of motion


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