The Tim Lincecum Trap

Tim Lincecum TrapThe Tim Lincecum Trap is out and I am hearing some buzz about his career going around online. I am hearing some of his critiques are making claims that Lincecum is doomed. In his defense, I would have to say that if his career is doomed then he still probably is a candidate for the Hall of Fame. He has 2 Cy Young Awards and a World Series Ring. Nolan Ryan doesn’t even have that!

Who cares if his career is doomed, I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t see it but who really cares. He has made a major impact on this game. How many young pitchers out there were inspired by this little Giant? How many young pitchers copied his delivery and benefited from the results? How many young pitchers, who wanted to give up because they thought they couldn’t do it because of their size, pushed even harder when they saw Lincecum dominating in the MLB? Tim Lincecum has changed the game and it has been for the better!

The Lincecum Trap or should we say Gift!

Here is a list of factors he has changed in this game of pitching.

  1. Size isn’t the determining factor!
  2. There is more to pitching velocity than just the arm!
  3. Physics is almost as powerful as genetics!
  4. You can pitch from little league to the MLB!
  5. Asian in your blood means you could be a really good pitcher!

I am a big fan of Lincecum but I am more of a fan of 3X Pitching. 3X Pitching is an approach to pitching that is present in pitchers like Tim Lincecum, Aroldis Chapman, Felix Hernandez, Nolan Ryan and many more. I feel it is important in your own career to not harp on just one pitcher. We can learn from all of them. My favorite is Chapman, who is currently on the DL and that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when they end up on the DL with a major injury like Strausburg. This is when we need to look at him mechanically and see what went wrong. He obviously was doing some things right and some things wrong. I believe pitch count is a determining factor with all of these guys. This is why I do not believe in throwing programs that make you throw tons of throws with the baseball. This is why the 3X Pitching Velocity Program uses light medicine ball throws to simulate the pitching delivery without putting the throws on the arm.

What we can learn from all this mess is that pitchers will come and go but good pitching mechanics will never change. Not one pitcher posses these mechanics. It is built around physics and classical physics is forever.

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  • Ron, go to and watch the video on the home page. It will show you everything you need to know.

  • No I haven't used the coupon code cause I don't know how.

  • I will use your latest video and I will do it for free. You need to watch the instructional videos of the Fusion System to learn them. Have you used your coupon code to the 6 day stream?

  • Brent do I have to give you new footage because I just want you to do the analysis on my latest pitching analysis and will this cost me. Also most of the workouts in the fusion system I don't know what they even are.

  • Ron, I will do another analysis for you because I have new footage of Brandon Morrow who can really help you. I also highly recommend that you start the Fusion System. You are young so your ability to use the stretch shortening cycle is limited to your strength development. The Fusion System is built to enhance these qualities in the athlete. It isn't enough to just use the throwing program to reach your velocity goals.

  • I did see the instructional videos for the 3x velocity system but are you 100 percent sure these drills will fix the early triple extension problem and any other mechanical problem or can I fix this with awareness and will these drills make my very slow 70 mph fastball gain velocity and by how much. Also in my latest analysis i see early hip rotation in my mechanics but you never mention it, could you look back at the analysis and check for this. Thanks

  • Ron, this is Triple Extension (3X). If 3X occurs before front foot strike then you have early hip rotation. You will learn how to implement this into your delivery with the 3X Velocity Drills. Have you watched the instructional videos for the 3X Velocity System?

  • what is early hip rotation and how do you fix it easily. I think i understand what it is but i don't know how to fix it, can you describe how to fix this with a mechanical adjustment.

  • Ron, the components are critical but the timing is want makes 90 possible. I would have to see the timing of his components. Correct definition of separation!

  • One more question tell me if my definition of separation is correct separation- when you land your ankle and knee are pointing towards the catcher or your drive leg is pointing towards the catcher and the left side of your hip is pointing towards first base and the right part is pointing towards third base and your belt buckle is pointing to the target, your shoulders are back, your back shoulder is pointing towards second base, your front shoulder is pointing towards home plat and separated from your hips, your arm is cocked and behind your drive leg and elastic energy is building.

  • Brent I have a question, assume a pitcher was 6 feet tall and the beginning of his delivery was if he loaded straight down on his drive leg but then extended it as much as he could and actually got separation like Tim Lincecum would that be able to produce a 90 mph fastball.

  • Moving forward or leaning forward you must lead with your hip and your drive leg knee must follow.

  • brent what is the difference between moving forward and leaning forward as you are lifting your leg


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