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TopVelocity Training Facility - Covington LA

TopVelocity Training Facility is a revolutionary training facility located in Covington, Louisiana. This is the place for top hitting instruction. Come train your hitting skills and for more bat power using our scientific based bio-mechanics and our latest technology to develop you into a top level hitter.

17588 Hard Hat Dr.
Covington, LA. 70435


Top Hitting Instruction in Mandeville, LA

In the dead bat era, there is a major need for more bat speed and power. This involves an advanced approach to training the power hitter both mechanically and athletically. Our hitting programs have exploded due to the demand for these type of programs and the fact that it is one of the best programs in the country.
You will not only be working through the top hitting program in the country but you will be getting some of the top hitting instruction in the country. Guerilla Baseball has a full staff of top level instruction in the field of hitting. To learn more about the Guerilla Baseball staff in Mandeville, LA visit the site above.
I would highly recommend signing up today for a membership to get started training through the revolutionary hitting program at Guerilla Baseball Academy in Mandeville. Memberships are limited due to the high demand.

Hitting Instruction Analysis

Guerilla Baseball Academy has a fully equipment hitting analysis study which is why the Guerilla Baseball hitting programs are so effective in producing results. Come in today and have your swing and bat speed/power analysis and evaluated. You will learn your flaws and faults that is preventing you from playing at the next level. This will give you the focus in the training programs on what needs to be improved to effect your game.
If you are not currently videoing and analyzing your hitting mechanics monthly you are not able to keep your skills at a high enough level to compete in todays competitive world of baseball. Do not wait any longer to have your swing analyzed so you can learn your weaknesses. You can then work to turn those weaknesses into your strengths tomorrow.

Hitting Strength and Conditioning

If you do not have a strength and conditioning program designed to help you improve your hitting mechanics then you are not going to get better faster. This entire game is based on athleticism like every other sport in the world. If you do not have the power you will never be a power hitter. If your genetics hasn't given you enough power to play at the level you what to play at then what are you going to do about it? We hope you are going to use our strength and conditioning programs for hitters and not use the common illegal alternatives.
It isn't enough to just do a general or basic strength and conditioning program. It must be a program that is working to complement your hitting mechanics not work against. The science is out and we know what training methods help or hurt your swing. Get updated today and stop playing this game with the old information from the past.
Get started today at TopVelocity Training Facility in Covington and take your game to the top level.