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Living most of my past life as a baseball pitcher, the pivotal moment in my baseball career was overcoming career-ending shoulder surgery. It changed my life and I was never the same. I spent the next five years after this major event trying everything I could to get back to the game I loved. It was the hardest thing I would ever do. I am now dealing with my addictions to over training and I am full of top velocity education.
What I learned of the mechanics of throwing is that we put too much torque on the arm when we are growing up in the game. It takes the best ball players in the game less time to learn how to develop torque in the core of the body and we average to below average ball players, an injury to develop this understanding of top velocity.
Top Velocity

"Top velocity in all sports comes from momentum in the lower half leading to separation of back hip to back shoulder."

Notice the three pictures here. These are the best throwers in their sport and what do they all have in common, besides the fact that they are throwing something? They all have separation of the hips and shoulders, which is giving them majority torque in the core, instead of in the shoulder. This is why throwing upper 90's in baseball looks effortless in guys like John Smoltz, Felix Hernandez and Aroldis Chapman. When you can develop maximum torque in the core, instead of the shoulder, you will reach your top velocity.
This is why I have developed this site because most of you reading this are saying, Wow, I never looked at these three sports this way and the similarities of these top athletes.
Top VelocitySo Why is this important?
This is important because throwing in these individual sports has been seen as a separate, unique events and not seen, until now, as something as common to all sports as running.
So what does this mean?
It means that we should be looking at what these top athletes are doing in all these sports, to help gain an edge in our sport. As I always say to my young pitchers, “First train as an athlete, then as a baseball player and finally as a pitcher." This is the only way to reach your top velocity and I am here to help you.

The Top Velocity Program

If you want to learn elite biomechanics and how to optimize your body to perform these movements consistently then checkout the Top Velocity Programs. Checkout our youtube channel and watch the video analysis to start learning the science behind the movements. If you want to step up to the plate and personalize this revolutionary information for your career then attend a velocity camp and training with me! I look forward to help you take your game to the next level.