Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

fastballYour success as a pitcher is riding on your fastball. Having too many pitches causes too many problems. Ever pitch you throw should be based off your fastball. This is why a slider is effective. This is why a change up is deceiving. If you are in high school and your best pitch is a curveball, your longevity is very limited. Scouts want to see a 1-4 ratio of offspeed pitches to fastballs. They see throwing offspeed pitches like sliders and curveballs at a young age as a sign of high levels of wear and tear on the arm. This is a big mark against you.
My advice to you is take two pitches as far as you can. You will see the best pitchers in the game taking two pitches through high school, college and even low A minor league ball some even into the Major Leagues. I know this may be upsetting to you but don't take it negatively. When you see the improvements you will make as a pitcher, when you focus on your fastball and one offspeed pitch, you will be pumped.

How to Start Developing the Fastball?

Start with reading my articles on pitching velocity because these articles are teaching you the perfect delivery for your fastball. There is also a mental leap involved here. The reason a lot of young guys throw many pitches is because they do not have the confidence in their fastball. You must gain this confidence. I didn't say find this confidence, I said you must develop it. So, set your sights on an explosive fastball and you will earn it. Your mental training starts with visualizing this goal. I want you to see yourself dominating with your fastball. See yourself throwing with perfect mechanics that you read about on this site. Using these visualizations along with reading and watching the material here you will with no doubt gain a top level fastball. We are here to support you.
Once you have developed the mindset to dominate with your fastball you are then ready to learn the mechanics. The mechanics start with the lower half and then move up the body into the ball. Elite pitchers who throw 80% or more fastballs at the top level of the game have developed the leg and core power necessary to throw a high 90's pitch. The problem with this approach is it takes time. You can develop elite leg and core power overnight. It is a process and you must be on the correct road if you are ever going to get there.

The Top Fastball Velocity Program in Baseball

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