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I don't mean to mislead you with the title, Bringing Violence into the Pitching Delivery of Baseball. Some of you may have expected the first sentence to be something like, "Study proves that pitchers are more prone to violent behavior." This may be true for athletes but this isn't what I am writing about in this article. I am writing about "Violence," the way I would write about "Power" in the pitching delivery. I use the word "Violence" to make a point. Before I attempt to make the point, let's look at the definition.

Define Violence: Violence is the exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse.

Now why would I want to use the word "Violence" to make a point about something as delicate as pitching? The same reason companies use the word "Maximum Strength" to describe something as delicate as medicine.  Jerry Seinfeld has some great comedy on this topic.

Some people aren't satisfied with "extra", they want "maximum"! "Gimme the maximum strength ! Give me the maximum allowable human dosage ! That's the kind of pain I'm in!
Figure out what will kill me, and then back it off a little bit".
- Jerry Seinfeld

Very funny stuff but their is some truth in this joke. This is what makes it a great joke. The truth is, "Figure out what will kill me, and then back it off a little bit", this actually works in the medical field. This is why morphine is still used today.
In this article, I will define what it means to bring violence into your pitching delivery and the only way to develop the ability to consistently do it every game.

Violence and the Pitching Delivery in Baseball

So let's take this philosophy and use it with pitching or any sport specific event. As pitchers, let's learn how to exert as much force to our body WITHOUT causing injury. Now, let's be careful here because your one body is all you have. So you better educate yourself, like a doctor would do in his career, before pushing your body to its limit. To educate yourself you need to use a website like this to learn everything you can about good mechanics and how to develop an athletic physique. Not until you have established an above average understanding of "Physic driven Mechanics," and have developed optimal strength, should you push your body to the limit.  I am serious, if you push too hard, too soon, you could seriously damage yourself. I did!
The way "Violence" in your pitching delivery will help you, is if you use it at the correct time. Science has shown, that the speed of rotation from hips to shoulders, is in direct correlation to the velocity of the pitch. This means if you have good "Separation" in your hips to shoulders at front foot strike, then adding more violence to the rotation of these two pivots will increase your velocity. This video of Aroldis Chapman illustrates this point.
You can see the "Violence" in his delivery. He is pushing his body to its limits to achieve his maximum velocity. The longevity of his career rides in his mechanics. Does he have good enough mechanics to prevent his wear and tear from exceeding his recovery rate between pitching appearances.
This is the name of the game in Pro ball. You may not realize this at the level you are now, so this is why I am giving you this information. If you want to play pro ball one day you need to start learning as much as you can about your body. My advice to you is, you must first train your body to handle this stress before you start pushing your limits. Also, many of these Major League pitchers have used illegal drugs to create this kind of violence in their delivery, I advise against this path because it will break you down a lot faster than training yourself to develop this kind of violence legitimately.

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