Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Pitching Video AnalysisHaving your pitching video analysis completed by a professional biomechanics analyst is critical in moving up levels of the game. The effectiveness of this process is the visual aspect. We are mainly visual learners. Most people can watch someone perform an action and then almost repeat it perfectly.
In any baseball career time is of the essence. All of us retired ball players, wish we knew what we learned many years after the end of our careers, when we were actually playing the game. This is because it took longer to learn this stuff than the window of opportunity we where given to play the game.
If you would like to analyze your pitching video, please follow the instructions below.

How to shoot your delivery for pitching video analysis?

Shot a side view with your camera at game speed throwing a fastball. Preferably over 30 frames per second. 240 is ideal! Make sure that the camera is not higher than the pitchers shoulders. Also make sure the camera is stationary.

How do you package and send your video?

Transfer your video from your camera to youtube, dropbox or any video sharing network and then email to me at On the title of the video put your name, age and velocity of the pitch.

Finalzing Your Pitching Video Analysis

At, once we receive your video, we will put together your pitching video analysis. The software we us will allow us to do a comparison of your delivery to a Professional Pitcher with a similar size and age as yours. We will then use the software to generate overlays and slow motion clips to give you an extremely detailed analysis. We promise you will be impressed.
Once the pitching video analysis is finished we will upload it to our youtube channel so you can review.
Our video analysis is very popular with the pitchers we have worked with. It is a great tool because they can always go back and look at the video and make improvements. We do recommend that you have a video analysis done at least every 2 months especially if you are training with the 3X or 2X Programs.
If you would like to get your pitching video analysis TODAY then it starts here!