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Pitching Workout for the AthleteThere really isn't a pitching workout out there made for the athlete. This is why most of them or ineffective. The reason they are ineffective is because they do not train athletic performance. I am a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach who overcame rotator surgery to pitch in minor league baseball after doctors told me I would never play again and I have spent the past 15 years learning from some of the best in the business. I have also tried just about every pitching workout available. The only time I every noticed an effect on my pitching velocity was after training with the Olympic lifts which took me all the way to 94mph.
If you are lost in long toss, weighted ball or tubing programs then you are going no where fast and you are definitely not training like an athlete. Why train like an athlete? Well just look at baseball today. Noah Syndergaard is 6'6 245 and squats 500+lbs, Bryce Harper is 6'3 230 and power cleans 375, Aroldis Chapman is 6'4 225 and he beat Billy Hamilton in a 60 yard sprint. Do you think tubing, weighted balls and long toss built these athletes?
In this article, you will learn what it means to be an athlete in baseball and how to become one. You will also learn about the misconceptions of weight lifting for the pitcher.

Olympic Lifting for Pitchers

Many old school coaches of the game say that science today has proven weight training does not increase your throwing velocity. I have yet to find any scientific information on this theory. I would like to ask these coaches, "Why when I was a junior in college and training with the Olympic Lifts, after six months my pitching velocity went from 82 to 90 MPH?" During that summer I played on a travel team, I would complete an intense pitching workout and then rush to pitch a full game immediately after the pitching workout. I may not recommend this to other pitchers but it sure did work for me. I then spent the last five or more years trying to figure out why this worked. This is when I wrote the article "Olympic Lifting Increases Pitching Velocity" and also this is when I brought the term "Triple Extension" into the pitching world.
My pitching velocity improvements where the results of my Olympic lifting improvements. This is because, if these lifts are performed correctly, they will max out your core strength potential and promote fast twitch muscle fiber hypotrophy and remodeling. There is no better way to train your core and remodel fast twitch fiber than with these lifts. If I go a week without performing these lifts, after my first day back I can feel the weakness first in my core. I even have serious soreness in my core the next few days. I also immediately feel more powerful on the field after the soreness goes away. I feel it when I sprint and throw. Just like when you do a lot of squats and your vertical leap goes up.

Pitching Misconceptions of Weight Training

The biggest misconception pitchers have about these lifts are that they will turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a fairy tale. The Olympic lifts build defined athletes. Just look at Matt Bruce in pic above, an Olympian. He is about 5'7 and 170 pounds. He can Power Clean and Jerk over 400 pounds and he looks like a normal person. Athletically he can do a split and has a 44 inch vertical jump.
If you are a pitcher and you are looking for these type of pitching velocity improvements, then you need to drop everything you are doing and learn these lifts. You need to start a program like my "Fusion System." This pitching workout is the main part of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It is called the "Fusion System" because it isn't only about these lifts I have described, it is also about building joint integrity to handle more stress from the improved pitching velocity and the sprint work to really isolate those fast twitch fibers.
So, if you currently have a program that involves you sitting in an air conditioned health club on a cushioned seat, performing a chest press, then you better ask yourself, "How the Hell is this making me a better athlete?" It isn't! Athletes are not made in health clubs. They are made in hot sweaty gyms and on dirty ball fields. Remember this, if you want to play with the "Big Guns," you better train like one!

The #1 BioMechanics Velocity Training Program

3x-extreme-pitching-velocity-programThis program has helped tons of pitchers live the dream of throwing 90+mph and signing with a D1 University, getting drafted by a Major League Organization and making it back to Major League Baseball. Many scouts in all organizations of baseball have recommended this program to help young pitchers get to the 90+mph range to improve their value at the next level.
The reason the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program works is because it is based off of science and it has been proven to develop the 90+mph fastball on thousands of pitchers. It isn't rocket science or voodoo, it is the real deal! The program comes with a high level workload of drills, lifts and exercises scientifically programmed to enhance throwing speed on the mound while developing an efficient pitching delivery. The format of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is similar to the same approach Olympic throwers have been using for decades to increase throwing velocity. This approach isn't new to the sports world but it is new to baseball.
If you are serious about your career and are insanely driven to put yourself into an extremely small percentage of pitchers who are potential D1 prospects, top level draft picks or you just want to reach your potential on the mound then this program is the best chance you have to making your dreams come true.
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