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young pitchersI hate to be so pessimistic, but the reality is the young pitchers are lazy and not held up to the standards of the past generations. Our society today is a lot more open to excepting mediocrity than hard work and achievement. The only reason competition continues to improve is because of the global infiltration of baseball. The game is now full of Latino's, Asians and Europeans.
I am writing this article to hopefully motivate the younger generations of America to wake up and get moving. Here is one of my favorite quotes. You should read this every morning.

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows that it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows that it must out run the slowest gazelle or it will starve.
It does not matter whether you are a lion or gazelle. When the sun comes up, you had better be running."

This quote is not only true in baseball but in life. In the game of baseball it isn't enough to win, if you are just good at running, you also need to know and understand this game if you are going to play it at a high level. One of the biggest mistakes young pitchers make is not educating themselves. They usually do not like to read, especially for more than a few seconds, so I will list the rest of the steps in an ordered list to try and beat their short attention spans in an attempt to help the younger generations learn from their mistakes.

Biggest mistakes young pitchers make:

1. Young pitchers DO NOT exercise their brain like their body.
They know nothing about pitching mechanics, joint integrity and nutrition. They leave it up to their parents or coaches.

2.Young pitchers DO NOT stand up for success.
They follow the leader. If everyone is slacking, then they are slacking.
3.Young pitchers DO NOT keep the BIG Picture.
Life has a time limit. Do not miss your window of opportunity.
4.Young pitchers DO NOT establish routine or disciplines in their young lives.
They do whatever feels good or whatever everyone else is doing.
5.Young pitchers DO NOT warm-up before playing or practicing.
They show up for practice or a game just before it starts.
6.Young pitchers DO NOT take care of their arm or body after a pitching performance.
They go home and take a hot shower and eat a bad meal.
7.Young pitchers DO NOT make adjustments when things are not working.
They just get frustrated and continue to beat their head against the wall.
8.Young pitchers DO NOT stay after practice to improve their mechanics or run some extra sprints.
They can't wait to run home and get on the phone or play video games.
9.Young pitchers DO NOT take the blame for their mistakes.
Everything is someone else's fault.
10.Young pitchers DO NOT thank their Coaches and Parents for supporting their careers.
They act like it is just their job to do this for them.
11.Young pitchers DO NOT push their limits.
They think being average and lazy is cooler than being good and dedicated.
12.Young pitchers DO NOT listen to their bodies.
They continue to play when their arm is saying, "Stop!"
13.Young pitchers DO NOT eat, sleep and breathe baseball.
Baseball is just something they do after school.
14.Young pitchers DO NOT spend more time playing ball than playing with the TV or computer.
They have poor hip rotation because their body has adjusted to sitting down, instead of running around.
15.Young pitchers DO NOT eat healthy foods.
They are addicted to fast food and soft drinks.
16.Young pitchers DO NOT understand that to be a good pitcher you must be an exceptional athlete.
If you are a younger pitcher and reading this, I hope that you do not make most of these mistakes. If you do, I hope that this motivates you to make a life change. Even if you make some of these mistakes, I hope you are motivated to make a life change. If you have read this far, this is confidence that you maybe just making that life change at this very moment. Please use this site to guide you during this transformation. Don't forget the quote above and don't stop learning this game.

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If you are serious about your career and have dreams of playing at the top level of baseball one day it start here. Do not hesitate even though you are young because in the end you will learn you always could have benefited from more time training.
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