Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

You Go Pro BaseballI have been in a few heated debates over my pitching career and on this website. This is because I had an average to below average baseball career after I tore my rotator cuff at 18 years old in my first college appearance. So I don't have the labels like; All American or Major League Pitcher which some of my readers want to hear.
You need to understand that I spent most of my career focused on just being able to pitch again, first in college and then in professional baseball. My Doctors told me that I would never pitch again because one year after the surgery, my arm was still not recovering. Here I am not calling myself the greatest pitcher of all time. What I am calling myself, is a Pitching Velocity expert! This is because I overcame a major rotator cuff tear to not only pitch again but to develop enough pitching velocity that I was able to "Go Pro!"
The only reason I was able to "Go Pro" after a major rotator cuff tear in my first college appearance was because of one thing, pitching velocity. For five years all I focused on was getting back to my pitching velocity before the surgery, which was about 86mph and then adding as much more as possible. I never expected that I would soon reach 94 mph. This is why I started this website and also started the the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program.

Most People Want to Know,"How Did You Go Pro?"

Well, during those five years of starting over with the skill of pitching, I obsessively read ever book I could find on strength and conditioning and pitching mechanics. This helped put me headed in the right direction and then I started training with Kurt Hester who was the strength and conditioning coach at LSU during the 90's when they were called "Gorilla Ball." Kurt changed my career!
Kurt put 35 pounds of fast twitch muscle fiber on my body through Olympic lifting and plyometric training. After one year of his program I was throwing close to 90 mph. At this point I didn't have much time left in my career so I decided to go to California and tryout for the Golden League. This is an independent minor league organization. I hit 91 mph in the tryout and was drafted in the first round. I then meet one of Tom House’s certified pitching coaches Mike Layseca and he taught me about hip to shoulder separation, which I had none. When I started my season in San Diego, one month into it as my mechanics got better, I topped out at 94 mph. At this point in my career I felt complete. I had made it to "Pro Ball" and beat the odds against me. I also got to play with a childhood ideal, Jose Canseco.
I would have never made it to the professional level without learning all of the secrets to Pitching Velocity. I would have never increased my pitching velocity from 86-94mph without this knowledge and hard work. This is why I created this website and put together the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program. You are not going to find this type of information in books or websites that are created by athletes who didn't overcome the impossible to achieve the success that they claim to have had. Those athletes are just giving you, or selling you, information that helped them to maintain what talent God gave them. Therefore if you are an athlete who is trying to overcome the impossible then you are wasting your time and money learning from those nature athletes. Even if they label themselves as an All American or an Major League Pitcher.
If "YOU WANT TO GO PRO" or take it to the next level then you must learn from those who made it to the elite levels and came from a similar background as you!