Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Major League BaseballGreg Bishop for the NY Times wrote an article, "When Radar Gun Hits 100 M.P.H., There's More Than Meets the Eye." View the link to the article below and read my response to Major League Baseball.
It feels like us online pitching guru's are being let out of our caves into the new world when the main stream media starts to ring our bells. Reading this article I also wondered if is being plagiarized but who really cares. I am just glad that Major League Baseball (MLB) is growing up. The article quotes Rick Peterson, the founder of 3P Sports, who has worked with Dr. James Andrews for years on the bio mechanics of pitching. He is the first guy within the Major League Baseball to take a different approach to pitching than the conventional wisdom that hasn't changed for decades.
The article also quotes Dr. Glenn Fleisig who is the research director at the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) in Alabama, who with Dr. James Andrews, Tom House and the NPA have changed the way we look at pitching mechanics today. Greg Bishop uses Randy Johnson and Tim Lincecum as the inspiration for the article. They are polar opposites in the world of pitching bio mechanics but they are showing similar results in their careers. Conventional wisdom calls them "Freaks," the new world of bio mechanics calls them efficient.  Greg Bishop has brought this phenomenon to the table and it is about time.

Major League Baseball How Do We Teach This Stuff?

I find nothing new to the world of bio mechanics for pitching in this article but what I do learn is what will continue in the debate of pitching mechanics and that is, "we now know what causes top velocity but how do we develop the muscle memory to take advantage of this research?" ASMI research shows that shoulder to pelvis separation is one key factor in velocity, which the NPA has been talking about for years, but what we are not learning  is how to develop this muscle memory and apply it to our mechanics? The same is true about ASMI's research that the more the back is tilted forward during ball release, that this is a key component to pitching velocity but how do we develop this muscle memory? ASMI's research also mentions the importance of the front knee straightening just before ball release as another key component to pitching velocity but how do we develop this muscle memory?
It is becoming easier to find this valuable pitching velocity information on the net but what we are not finding is how to actually develop the muscle memory to apply it to your own mechanics. I have developed an entire program to develop the muscle memory behind these proven pitching velocity components. It is called the 3X Pitching Velocity Program and it will increase your pitching velocity 5-10mph in 16 weeks. I promise you because it worked for me and hundreds of others!
Here is the NY Times article written by Greg Bishop which gives us a sign that the Major League Baseball just may be growing up!