Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

The main purpose of a Drill, is to practice a component of the delivery that will help to correct a mechanical flaw. I also believe it is important to add resistance to a drill to help imprint the new muscle memory.
The drill below should be performed 2 - 3 days a week, for at least 3 - 4 months. The drill should also be performed after completing the “Flexibility Training" portion of the Fusion System which can be found in the Ace Pitcher Handbook. You can also find more drills in the handbook. Try to push each drill to muscle fatigue, if possible.What you will need to perform the drill is your glove and some resistance tubing. All of these products can be purchased at the Velocity Store.
The purpose of this drill is to enforce the “Separation” position. To perform this drill you need a resistance band or tubing. Connect the band to a fence or have someone hold the band behind you.


Pic #1:

Start in the “Separation” position, with the band held with your throwing arm. Arm some what relaxed and close to your body. Your glove hand is turned over and you are looking down your elbow. Both your feet are facing the target which opens your hips. Finally make sure your back shoulder is all the way behind you to help build more torque in your core.

Pic #2:

When ready, turn over and tuck your glove hand and then push your belly and chest to your front knee, allowing the band to pull your arm back behind your head. Make sure your hips are positioned under your chest. You are now in the “Pull.” Perform pic #2 from the previous drill before continuing down to pic #3 on this drill.

Pic #3:

Continue to stabilize your landing leg, knee, hip and chest while driving your chest out over your front foot. Once your chest has hit the wall, finish the pitch with your fingers on top of the ball and your hand 6 inches in front of foot. Make sure your elbow pulls through just above your throwing shoulder.
* Remember after creating torque in your core and your shoulders have opened to the target, velocity is based on how fast you can transfer your weight to your release point. So perform this drill with explosive power.

Purchase the Ace Pitcher Handbook for more drills and to learn the 6 Components of Pitching.