Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Name Team Year MPH
Aroldis Chapman Reds 2010 105
Joel Zumaya Tigers 2006 104.8
Aroldis Chapman Reds 2010 104
Mark Wohlers Braves 1995 103
Armando Benitez Mets 2002 102
Jonathan Broxton Dodgers 2009 102
Neftali Feliz Rangers 2010 102
Bobby Jenks White Sox 2005 102
Randy Johnson Diamondbacks 2004 102
Matt Lindstrom Marlins 2007 102
Robb Nen Marlins 1997 102
Justin Verlander Tigers 2007 102

Velocities in the past fifteen years have skyrocketed. In today's game we have two handfuls of guys who can hit three digits on the radar gun. Just this season the Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman was recorded at 105 mph. This is the highest velocity ever recorded in a game. Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller are estimated to have thrown harder than this but they used different equipment in those days compared to today's standards. So they are not on this list because of the technology differences.
The biggest question here at and around the web is how are these guys doing this? My answer is digital pitching science and strength and conditioning. There also may be a drug factor in the mix as well to be honest. Let's take a closer look at these three reasons so we can better understand what is going on.

Aroldis ChapmanDigital Pitching Science

This is Pitching analysis using today's sophisticated computer technology. I am not talking as much about expensive analysis software or expensive high speed cameras, what I am talking about is youtube. The fact that almost anyone can film themselves and send it to an expert to analyze is amazing. Ten years ago you would have had to contact a professional cinematographer and a video editor to do this and it would have cost you an arm and leg. This is why here at we offer FREE video analysis because we are helping everyone reach their velocity goals. C heckout our latest pitching analysis'.

Strength and Conditioning

The world of strength and conditioning has now taken over baseball. For years baseball was seen as Americas past time and if you didn't look like Babe Ruth then you just didn't have what it takes. The steroid era has changed this because ball players like Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds proved that Bigger, Stronger, Faster dominates the game and it doesn't mean you have to be born with it. You now have the ability to change your physique through your own will to be Bigger, Stronger and Faster. Proper Strength and Conditioning can take an 85 mph fastball and make it 90 mph, in one year, if done correctly. The problem is most pitching coaches are not strength and conditioning specialist, so they have no idea how this works. This is why the Ace Pitcher Handbook is so effective because it has the Fusion System. This is a series of training programs that I worked closely with a top Strength and Conditioning specialist to develop for a pitcher. I used it in my career to overcome a major rotator cuff tear and to not only pitch again but gain almost 10 mph.

Athletic Performance Enhancing Drugs

This is not my favorite subject and I like most ballplayers who love the game of baseball wish it would go away but it is not going away, unfortunaly. When I talk about drugs in baseball, I am even talking about RedBull as well as Steroids and HGH. There are labs all over the world working overnight to come up with the next greatest athletic performance enhancer because it is a billion dollar industry. What is happening today is as the game becomes more global with the World Baseball Classic and competition grows more competitive then people search for more ways to enhance their performance. Well, we have the legal enhancers and the illegal enhancers. My recommendation is to understand what drugs are out their and how are they being used and how will they effect your body. Remember you only get one chance at life, with this one body, so don't screw it up. If you find an over the counter supplement or drug that is legal and the effects on the body or positive then I recommend using it, but if there is any issue with using the supplement, I recommend leaving it alone. You will find in your career that you are always better off spending your time and money on the things that have a bigger impact on your performance, like video analysis and training programs. If you are going to find yourself one day in the list above, it will be because you worked as smart, as you worked hard on your goals and dreams.
What bonds the list of pitchers together above is of course superior genetics but also as important a Fusion System of training programs that cover everything from strength and conditioning to pitching mechanical analysis. There isn't one thing that gives them their rare velocity, it is a list of things that they harmonize together. If you want to reach these velocities in your career you will need to as well develop a fusion system of training programs that you can harmonies together that work best with your genetics. The first step starts here at reading and learning the knowledge you need to develop your Fusion system.