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I was lucky enough to have a 40 minute interview with someone who's story inspired my ability to overcome major rotator cuff surgery to throw 94 MPH and play professional ball. His story not only inspired me but more than likely hundreds of thousands of athletes to this date. Not only is his story inspiring it is amazing. It makes my story look like a B movie!
His name is Jim Morris and he is soon to be legendary. I have to say it was such an honor to speak with him. If you do not know who he is then you may know him better by the movie that was based on the true story of his own life called "The Rookie!" If you have not seen this movie then I suggest you stop reading this article now and go watch it.
In the interview above, Mr. Jim Morris will give you the secrets to his success. You will learn that, like I, we both used a core and leg based strength and conditioning program similar to the Fusion System in the Ace Pitcher Handbook. I was so excited to hear him talk about the importance of a heavy leg and core based weight training program and how it was a big part of his ability to pitch again because it is what I feel allowed me to make a comeback in my career. I have heard many "Old School" pitching coaches and others say that weight training is not important to building an explosive pitcher. In this interview you will hear from someone who did what very few people have done and in one case, no one has done. He threw 99MPH and was the oldest player at 35 years old to make his Major League debut. Mr. Morris continues on through the interview to inform us that the keys to his success where not only a good strength and conditioning program but building the complete pitcher or person involves everything from diet, to a healthy mental approach and most importantly your Faith.
I started off this interview a little nervous but by the end I was once again inspired by a very wise and passionate man. I beg everyone and anyone to listen to this interview and hire him to speak at your local community function if you can. I believe and his accomplishments prove it, that Jim "The Rookie" Morris discovered the secrets to throwing hard and becoming an elite pitcher with all of the odds stacked against him. This is a must see video and I hope you enjoy my interview with him because I really did!
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