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You can search the web up and down for the answers to how to throw hard and you will find many different sites trying their best to answers this question but all you will get out of it is a lot of frustration. I am still shocked that is the only source today that believes pitching velocity comes from the stride phase of the delivery. Every site I have come across on the web tries to teach how to throw harder from the throwing phase of the delivery. If anyone can help me find another site out there that is coaching the stride phase to increase pitching velocity, please post the link here in the comments. If you do not understand what I mean by the stride and throwing phase of the delivery, then let me tell you what I am talking about. Pitching mechanics can best be broken down into two phases. Yes, there are many different components or parts to pitching but it is easier to take a bigger perspective of pitching by dividing the entire delivery into two sections or phases. In this short article, you will not only learn the two phases to pitching but how the high velocity and low velocity pitcher uses these phases differently. I will also give you the science that proves the power of this approach on the 2 phase pitching delivery.

The Stride Phase

The stride phase of the pitching delivery starts with the leg lift and ends with the landing of the lift leg or also described as front foot strike. This is the phase of the pitching delivery where the arm is not active. The only responsibility of the arm is to get into the cocked position at front foot strike. The cocked position is when the arm is at shoulder height, behind the head, in line with the closed shoulders. If you notice in the animation of Aroldis Chapman in the stride phase here his lower kinetic chain is involved in all of the activity. The 3X Pitching Book goes into detail of what is occurring during this phase which is included in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This detail describes how power is generated through triple extension or 3X. You will find that very few pitching coaches will teach this phase of the delivery. Most pitching velocity is first generated in this phase of the delivery. I recommend purchasing 3X Pitching to learn this secret to real pitching velocity.

The Throwing Phase

This is the phase of the pitching delivery, after front foot strike, when the arm is responsible for throwing the ball. Most pitching coaches only coach this phase of the delivery. This phase involves the rotation of the shoulders and the release of the pitch. This phase occurs only during the last few tenths of a second in the delivery. In the throwing phase, power has already been generated in the lower kinetic chain and is now transferring to the upper kinetic chain into the ball.This power is transferred through triple flexion which is also described in detail in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program that you can purchase at the top of the page here.

Study Proves Hard Throwers Use Stride Phase More Effectively

If you want to learn how to throw hard then you must learn how to use the stride phase of the pitching delivery to generate more power and separate the phase. The American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) has proven that all low velocity pitchers do not use the stride phase as effectively as high velocity pitchers. Here is an excerpt from the ASMI case study a Comparison of High Velocity and Low Velocity Pitch Deliveries which talks about this difference.

Another finding of interest is that early in the pitching motion, the two groups (High Velocity Group and a Low Velocity Group) were dissimilar in the timing of their movements, while their later movement timing was much more similar. This implies that early trunk and torso movements are more varied among pitchers than late arm movements. Read study here...

The study is suggesting that early trunk and torso movements, which is occurring during the stride phase, was more varied among the groups than during the late arm movements of the throwing phase. This means hard throwers have more movements in the stride phase than low velocity pitchers. This is the secret to throwing hard. If you want the secret to throwing even harder then it is called the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

3X Pitching Velocity Program

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program holds the Fusion System which is a training program that trains power through triple extension. Triple extension is the reason hard throwers like Aroldis Chapman has a 7.5 foot stride length and his fast twitch muscle fiber is the reason he can move through that stride faster than pitchers with shorter strides than him. It is not enough to understand that triple extension is the key to building power in the stride phase, you must have a strength and conditioning program that can condition you to remodel more fast twitch muscle fiber so you can move through triple extension like the elite athletes/pitchers. If you are serious about gaining pitching velocity then there is no better place than this site. So get started TODAY, because those other sites out there are not worth the time!

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