Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Baseball WorkoutsIn the game of baseball, all skills require small muscle groups leading big muscle groups. This means you must use a strength and conditioning program that not only develops you to become Bigger, Stronger, Faster but it builds joint integrity as well. Most training programs neglect either the effectiveness of training the big muscle groups and only isolates the small muscle groups and vice versa. A training program that is built around both muscle groups is far superior to the others.
It is important to also make sure that you are educated in the mechanics of the lifts. The Olympic lifts are some of the most powerful lifts in the weight room to training the athlete to grow Bigger, Stronger, Faster. These lifts though are as intricate to learn as proper throwing or hitting mechanics. You must spend as much time learning these lifting mechanics as you spend learning your throwing or hitting mechanics. This would mean you need a program that comes with a trainer who is educated enough to coach these lifts or a training video that will replace the trainer. You will find some great training videos below along with the baseball training programs.

What to look for in a effective baseball workout?

  1. Olympic Lifts
  2. Plyometric training
  3. Medicine Ball training
  4. Joint Integrity training
  5. Anaerobic training
  6. 8 Week Cycle which includes a: base week, volume week, recovery week and performance week.
  7. Repetitions based on one rep max percentages per lift.
  8. Days off per week for full recovery.

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