Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

How to Gain 5 MPH on Your FastballAdding 5 MPH to your fastball can be a tough challenge if you do not know what you are doing. You definitely will not accomplish this using conventional wisdom. Old school approaches like extreme long toss, weighted balls or speed chains may get you close but the pitching speed increase will eventually go away or may not even transfer to the mound.
It is important to understand that you want to add 5 MPH to your fastball on the mound, not only on flat ground. Throwing from the mound usesĀ  a different kinematic sequence than on flat ground. This must be a main focus of the velocity enhancement program.
When I developed the revolutionary approach to pitching velocity called 3X Pitching, I first analyzed some of the hardest throwers in the game to try and discover their secrets. I wasn't as interested in their training programs because most of these hard throwers, I felt, had superior genetics. I knew that if I could learn what they were doing mechanically, which was causing them to throw so hard, I could then try to emulate these mechanics through training my body to move like theirs. I believed that this was a good strategy for success. I soon learned that this was true.

Learning to Throw Like High Velocity Pitchers

The mechanical components that I pulled out of these hard throwing delivers are a main part to the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. The program lists all of these components and covers them in detail. More important than uncovering these pitching speed components was discovering the key component which was the foundation. This one component, if not performed correctly, would prevent all of the other components to be performed correctly as well. This was the case because these hard throwers were using the entire kinetic chain to generate their power and their pitching speed was initiated in the very start of the kinetic sequence. This component that I discovered was Triple Extension or what I call 3X. The day I discovered this key component I could not believe how effective it was and how clueless the rest of baseball was, to completely miss it. Even today I am shocked that I am the only pitching voice coaching this extreme velocity component.
The problem with most pitching velocity enhancement programs is that they focus on the mechanics more than the training or the training more than the mechanics. They must go hand in hand. The mechanics must be used as a measurement for the effectiveness of the training program and the means to the end. If not then you are training blind and going no where fast. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program is a multi-faceted approach to pitching velocity that believes a more powerful athletic pitcher will more effectively develop high velocity pitching mechanics than the less athletic average pitcher. This is why this program produces results and makes it possible for all young pitchers to add 5-10 mph to their pitching speed in 16 weeks or less.