Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

This may be the first sign of the beginning of a new era for baseball. A Danish company called Trackman has planted some 3D Doppler Radar's in Major League parks across the country and the data is revolutionary.
They can scientifically produce data that shows why two 90 MPH pitchers are not the same. Why one may be seen as having a "Sneaky" fastball when the other is throwing the exact same pitching velocity. This is because this new technology uses distance and speed to measure pitching velocity, instead of only using speed. Therefore, someone throwing 90 mph with a release point that is 53 feet away from the hitter is throwing harder, as perceived by the hitters eye, than the pitcher with the same velocity throwing the ball 55 feet away.
Trackman has determined that the average release point from the rubber for an MLB pitcher is 5.10 feet but some of the "Sneaky" fastball pitchers are reaching release point distances of 7 feet or more. The ESPN Sports Science video about Chapman, which I cover in one of my previous articles, made this same discovery but Trackman is calculating this information on the fly. Based on their data one foot past the average 5.10 feet equals about 2 mph in increase perceived pitching velocity. Trackman feels that this 3D Doppler Radar will eventually make the radar gun, as we know it today, the thing of the past. This is because their data gives an organization a lot more scientific data to evaluate talent than the traditional radar gun. This 3D Radar can also record spin rate of all pitches. Pitchers with higher spin rates have higher strikeout percentages.

Countdown to Launch 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 -----> 3X Pitching!

Once again, more new information that proves 3X Pitching to be not just revolutionary but a must learn approach to pitching velocity. Explosive Triple Extension is the only way a pitcher is going to increase stride distance and stride speed effectively to stand out with this new 3D Doppler Radar technology. The average stride length to pitch release is 5.10 feet and this is because these pitchers are not achieving complete 3X or Triple Extension before front foot strike. They are also not performing 3X explosively enough to finish with the maximum amount of forward trunk tilt at ball release, to allow the pitcher to finish out over the front foot, which puts his release point closer to the plate. The 3X Pitching approach is the only way a pitcher will be able to increase their stride distance from the plate, along with their release point.
I have received a lot of interest lately, from newbies to 3X Pitching, who want to learn how to get more extension at pitch release. This could have a lot to do with the buzz around this technology. I first tell them that the WORST thing they can do to shorten their release point distance is to pull down or even reach forward at ball release. I then open their eyes to the 3X Pitching approach of stride length and stride speed through triple extension with hip to shoulder separation and the light goes on! They learn quickly that there is no other way to develop more pitching velocity and that "Sneaky" fastball than with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. The data that will begin to flow from this 3D Doppler Radar will change the game and will also be the launching pad that mainstreams 3X Pitching.
This information was first brought to my attention in another great article by Tom Verducci with Sports Illustrated. I highly recommend that you read his article about this revolutionary technology. He covers it more in depth and lists pitchers who score higher on the 3D Doppler Radar. Here is the entire article.