Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

If you want to play at the next level then you are going to have to increase your ability to generate power. Power is measured as both speed and strength. Increasing your bodies ability to generate power, along with total body mechanics, will enhance your potential to hit the ball farther, throw the ball harder and run a lot faster. Studies have proven that heavy load training is the most effective way to increase your bodies ability to generate power. This is because heavy load training is more effective in remodeling fast twitch muscle fiber and developing more motor units. The problem here is most baseball coaches do not believe in this style of training. They believe that this style of training makes the ball player tight and bulky. If you have a training program that uses low reps with heavy load training then hypertrophy will be minimal. This means you will get a lot stronger and faster instead of just bigger. Even though size has been proven to enhance performance.

If you are sick of having average bat speed, average arm speed and average leg speed then you are not training effectively. You need a program built for the baseball player that enhances your bodies ability to generate power in a short period of time. The key is total body explosive lifts like the Olympic lifts. Dr Garhammar has studied the Olympic lifts for years and he proved that the second clean or hang clean, is by far the greatest lift in the weight room for training power production in the athlete. The problem with the O-lifts is that these lifts are as intricate as the mechanics of hitter and throwing a baseball. This means you will need a training program that comes with an Olympic Lifting specialist to teach you how to perform the lifts correctly, so you are benefiting from the training and not setting yourself up for disaster. If the training program does not comes with a specialist then you need a training program that comes with instructional videos of a specialist to teach you the proper technique.

Here at we are developing some of the top baseball strength training programs in the country. Our most popular program is the Baseball Training Manual using the famous Fusion System. This program was influenced by Kurt Hester who built the training programs for LSU in the 1990's when they won 5 National Championships and were called "Gorilla Ball." They earned this name because they were the most developed ball players in the league and broke the single season home run record. Here is an interview with Kurt talking about his success with LSU and how he built his fame as one of the top strength trainers in all of sports.

Top Velocity Baseball Strength Training Program

I highly recommend this program to those baseball players who want to get Bigger, Stronger, Faster. This program was developed to build the elite ball player. It will increase bat speed, arm speed and running speed within the first 8 weeks of the 8 week cycle or your money back. Yes, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. It also comes with a free stream to the instructional videos. The Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the videos is none other than Chad Englehart. This program was developed by the best, to train you to become the best. Purchase it TODAY!