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Workout for PitchersThere are hundreds of thousands of workouts for athletes on the web. All you have to do is go to and purchase some training device, like resistance tubing, and "BAM" you got yourself a workout with instructional DVD to go with the device. You can also stay up late at night and wait for the "P90X" or "Insane" infomercial to come on TV. The Internet and TV has bombarded you with workouts for everything. Workouts to make you bigger, workouts to make you quicker, workouts to make you jump higher, workouts to make you throw harder and on and on. This site is also full of workouts with similar claims. I am not knocking these workouts, I just want to help you pick and choose the correct one. Here is a good strategy to start weeding through these countless workouts all claiming to make you a better player.

How to find the perfect workout for the pitcher?

If you could grab a handful of these workouts or programs that you find interesting on the web or TV and put them into an excel spreadsheet so we could filter out what we want and don't want in them, then the filtering would go something like this.

Criteria for Filtering Through Workouts for Pitchers to Find the Best Program.

  1. Filter out all workouts that are not specific to baseball.
  2. Filter out all workouts that only train one muscle group.
  3. Filter out all workouts that do not train the total body
  4. Filter out all workouts that do not use heavy load training to model more fast twitch muscle fibers.
  5. Filter out all workouts that do not implement joint integrity training.
  6. Filter out all workouts that do not implement anaerobic training.
  7. Filter out all workouts that do not include a nutrition plan.
  8. Filter out all workouts that do not include pitching mechanics drills.
  9. Filter out all workouts that do not come with a proper warm-up routine.
  10. Filter out all workouts that do not offer instructional videos.
  11. Filter out all workouts that do not offer one on one coaching or training.
  12. Filter out all workouts that do not use a training cycle.
  13. Filter out all workouts that do not use goal training percentage.

You can see that once you start searching for that workout, which was developed for a pitcher and trains all facets of the pitcher, then what you will notice is there really isn't much high quality workouts out their for the pitcher. This is why I developed the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. In my career I was in the same position you are in today, looking for that perfect workout which was going to take me to the promise land. I would buy these gimmicks and try these programs and they all only touched the surface of only a few facets of the complete pitcher. I never discovered a workout or a coach that could show me how to become an elite, explosive pitcher. I knew that only throwing weighted balls around or just doing long toss or using this stupid looking device to help me drive off the mound was not the key to my success. I knew it would come in a workout that challenged me in all areas of my athletic ability. I knew this workout would make me want to quit, because I knew that to get to the promise land or professional baseball wasn't going to be an easy road. Once I decided to listen to my own intuition, I then decided to grow a pair and get to work. This is when I met some amazing coaches and developed a revolutionary program that helped me reach my promise land and play professional baseball, after doctors told me I would never play again. So stop wasting your time brushing the surface for a workout for pitchers and start doing your homework and filtering through this mess. I leave you with my favorite quote by Nolan Ryan.
"Pitching in the big leagues is a dream. Preparing to pitch in the big leagues is a nightmare." - Nolan Ryan

Exact Formula I Used to Get back in the Game!

Looking to train with the same groundbreaking techniques that not only resurrected my professional pitching career after a devastating rotator cuff tear but also amped my velocity into the low to mid-90s? Don't miss out on the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It's more than just a training regimen; it's your roadmap to unlocking your fullest athletic potential while significantly lowering the risk of injury. Be part of the revolution in baseball training—let's make your pitching dreams a reality, together.

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