Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

All pitchers are not the same and their workloads in season are not the same either. This is why the question of what is good in season training program for pitchers will never be answered correctly in a step by step process. The best way to answer this question is by listing guidelines that a pitcher should follow when in season.
The main focus of an in season training program should be recovery. The goal is to maintain strength throughout the season. If you are a pitcher who is throwing a lot of innings then strength gains in season should not be a focus. If you are a pitcher who is not throwing a lot of innings in season then strength gains can be more of a focus. This means you should base your in season training program on your in season workload.
To help you find a good in season training program follow these simple guidelines. These guide lines do not cover a throwing program or mechanics and analysis training in-season. This will be covered in another article.

In Season Training Guidelines for Pitchers

  1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep - Sleep is critical for recovery. This is the only way that your body is going to catch up with your workload. If you loss sleep in season you will definitely loss your strength.
  2. Eat, Eat, Eat - This is almost as critical as sleep. If you do not fuel your body with the building blocks it needs to rebuild your system then you will definitely loss your strength and open yourself up to injury.
  3. Joint Integrity - Pitching strengthens one set of muscles while it abuses another. This means that if you do not re-establish the integrity of your joints after a performance then you are slowly setting yourself up for injury. You will first notice the loss of integrity when you begin to loss range of motion. This loss of range of motion in a joint, if pitched on, will lead to injury. A good in season training program should help re-establish joint integrity.
  4. Endocrine System - Your body uses growth hormone and testosterone to help rebuild your system. These levels can be enhanced naturally to speed up your own bodies ability to recover quickly. A good in season training program should use some heavy load training to help speed recovery. Read this article to learn more about Boosting Your Own Testosterone and Growth Hormone.
  5. Alignment and Flexibility Training - While pitching slowly destroys joint integrity it also can start to cause muscle dysfunction and skeletal alignment issues. A good in season training program should incorporate dynamic movements to help align the body while promoting full range of motion.

If you are looking for a good in season training program then I highly recommend that you follow these guidelines when searching for one and also stay toned by subscribing to and we will alert you when the new 3X Pitching In Season Training Program is available.