Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Force Production and baseball speedIn baseball speed is the best way to measure an athletes ability. Speed is a critical component in all sports. Speed in baseball can be measured in throwing speed, bat speed and running speed. If you can excel at all of these facets then your value as a baseball player is great.
Many coaches and scouts would say you are either born with speed or not. I would say forget them. Speed can be developed. I was the slowest high school athlete. I was 6'1 170 lbs and could catch a football but because I was so slow they made me a tight end on the football team. I was the skinniest tight end in the state. I should have been a wide receiver but my speed was my problem. When I trained with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program in college as a pitcher, which helped me develop speed all around, I went from the slowest to the fastest on my team.
What I learned was that when you increase your bodies ability to output more power then you increase your speed all around. So not only did my throwing speed increase but also my bat speed and my running speed. The key to this is called Force Production.

Force Production is the Secret Behind Baseball Speed

Force Production is your bodies ability to apply force into the ground or what I also call ground reaction forces. The reason we must apply force into the ground is because speed is movement and how else are we going to move if we can not push off of something? Throwing speed, bat speed and running speed all are products of ground reaction forces. This means to increase throwing, bat and running speed you must learn mechanics that work from the ground up and you must also train your body to enhance its force production. It is actually that simple. This is why I do not have much respect for coaches and scouts who believe speed can not be taught.
Now that you understand that you can throw harder, hit farther and run faster, just by increasing your force production, you should be pumped up. Great, let's take this energy and put it into your training. If you are a pitcher, then I highly recommend that you use the 3X Pitching Velocity Program to start enhancing your force production. This program will not only train you to do this but to specifically do this to increase pitching velocity. Check it out to learn more!
If you are a position player and are ready to increase your force production to increase your bat and running speed then I highly recommend that you purchase the Baseball Training Manual below. Best of luck and lets prove these scouts and coaches wrong when it comes to speed!