Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

90 MPH Club Pitching"Welcome to the 90MPH club," is the catch phrase that we all would love to hear in our careers. More than likely this is your ultimate goal as a pitcher, because if you make it to the 90MPH Club, then you have put yourself in the recruiting pool for Professional Baseball.
If you have ever been to a MLB tryout Camp then you will hear this phrase a lot, "Throw 90 or go home!" At most camps they are not as blunt but this is what they are thinking when they are holding that gun to your back when you throw your first pitch.

Throw 90MPH or Go Home

I learned quickly when I was at my first MLB tryout Camp at 16, the scout actually told us we had 6 pitches to hit 90 or we where going home early. Let's just say I went home really early that day but it was an eye opening experience. I learned a lot about the cynicism of professional baseball. When I found myself at my next MLB tryout Camp I was now prepared for the day.
I will never forget though my 3rd MLB tryout Camp. I was like 22 at the time, which makes you feel old at these tryouts and I had made friends with another guy who was my age as well. When we started warming up for the bull pens, he started bragging about his curveball to me. I just listened and then I started bragging about my fastball. I made the commit that today we better feel 90 or we will be heading home early! He looked at me and said that he doesn't throw hard but he has that great curveball he was talking about. I then asked him if he was serious, if he realized what he was setting himself up for. I learned quickly that he had no clue. He was just like me at my first tryout. I told him the reality of these tryouts. He said I can't break 82, so I have to show them my curverball. I said look pal, if you go up there and throw anything but a hard fastball, you are better off just turning right around and heading home. I told him if you do not hit 90 in your first few pitches, you are done. He stood strong and said that isn't what he had to offer as a pitcher. I then wished him good luck!
He stepped on the mound and throw his first pitch, it was a curveball and the scout dropped the gun and asked him what the hell was he doing. My friend told him that he was throwing his best pitch. The scout said, you better throw that thing straight and hard if you want to be around in the afternoon. This means he would have made the first cut and then played in the afternoon, with all the other guys who made the first cut. 4 pitches later the scout was asking him to leave.
It was my turn now and I was ready. I had been through 3 of these camps before and I knew what I needed to do. I threw my first pitch as hard as I possibly could and then I did it again. In 2 pitches I hit 91 and 92, and the scout told me to shut it down and get ready for the afternoon. I had finally made it and all because I knew what they were looking for, which was 90+mph pitching velocity. Velocity is king and I was playing the game. This is why ever person who finds this site must purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program or a program like it. It will train you to pump gas and lead you to the 90mph club. Then you can walk into an MLB tryout Camp with confidence that you are going to turn some heads, like I did. The day that you hear a scout tell you that you are 90+ and you are coming back for the afternoon, you will come back to and thank me.