Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Pitchers Power DriveThink power and drive! The pitchers first few movements in his delivery is critical to his overall velocity. Just like a sprinters first step is more significant to his overall time than any other step in his sprint. If a pitcher fails to hit some key components in the beginning of his delivery then his pitching velocity will suffer. These key components would put the pitcher into his Power Drive Position.

There currently is a gimmick that supposedly helps the pitcher to get into this position but the problem with these gimmicks is if you cannot pitch with this device in a game, what use does it have for the pitcher? If the pitcher can not put himself into this power drive position without the device then it is a total waste of money. I have never worked with the device, so this is not a review.

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program trains the pitcher through drills to achieve this Power Drive Position. I will cover some of these components here that are in full detail in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

The Pitchers Power Drive Components

  1. Lift and Lead - Lift your lift leg as you lead with your hips. You want to start your momentum towards your front foot as quickly as possible while closing off your hips with your lift leg.
  2. Align your Force Vector with your Front Hip - Your force vector is your ankle to knee. This must get in line with your front hip as soon as possible. You can make this happen by driving your shin into the ground as you push your hips towards the target.
  3. Power Pads Force Production - You want your drive leg foot completely flush against the rubber with your weight sitting on your power pads. This is the area from the ball of the foot towards the arc. This is where you want to start applying force as you align your force vector with your front hip and as you move into triple extension. This is where you use ground reaction forces to generate your power.

This is definitely not an approach to pitching from the conventional wisdom of the game. Critiques of this approach would say that this goes against the old school "Balance Position." Those who think this way do not have a physiological understanding of explosive movements. Lifting the leg and pausing to establish "Balance," does not support an explosive movement by definition. To the explosive athlete "Balance" is the athletes ability to control the momentum of the body and direct it towards the goal. This balance is most important during the stride when power is generated and at front foot strike when power is converted to torque.
Great examples of pitchers who put themselves into a Power Drive Position would be all hard throwers. My favorite example is Clayton Kershaw, Tim Lincecum, Aroldis Chapman, Felix Hernandez, Nolan Ryan, etc.

Learn the Pitchers Power Drive

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