Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Top 3 Pitching Power IssuesAs a pitcher, do you train for power? The more I coach and train pitchers with 3X Pitching, the more I want to spend  most of my time training them in the weight room with pure power lifts.
All of the 6 components of the 3X Pitching mechanics are representative of a ballistic or explosive movement during a specific point in time. If the pitcher tries to implement these components into their deliver as choreography then the final result will be negative. It is critical that you use drills to develop the motor coordination of each component of the power pitching delivery as you move through the entire sequence. This way the final result will always be positive.
This is the revolutionary approach behind 3X Pitching. The problem is most pitchers who start 3X Pitching are searching for a program to help them increase pitching velocity. This means they have mechanical issues and most of these mechanical issues are the negative results of the lack of power production in their deliveries.
When you are dealing with power issues in the pitching delivery then trying to solve the problem through mechanical adjustments is like beating your head against a wall. So I have decided to list the Top 3 Pitching Power Issues here to help prevent those who feel they have encountered the same issues and would like to stop beating their heads against the wall.

The Top 3 Pitching Power Issues

  1. A Weak Drive Leg - This will cause the pitcher to land with a short stride without achieving triple extension before front foot strike. This will force the hips to open after front foot strike reducing hip rotation speeds which will effect hip to shoulder separation.
  2. A Weak Landing Leg - This will lead to lead knee flexion at front foot strike which will effect momentum transfer and core torque.
  3. A Weak Core - The core muscles of the body are in the stomach and back area. This will effect the elastic energy transfer from hip to shoulder to forward trunk tilt and external rotation of the throwing arm. The failure to transfer this energy through the kinetic chain into the ball, will force the pitcher to finish standing up at release or force the pitcher to rock forward at release. Both of these mechanical flaws will produce a negative result.

These top 3 pitching power issues carry with them all of the major components of high velocity deliveries. This proves that most of these mechanical flaws can be solved by leg and core development. Specifically training the athlete to produce more leg and core power. I have found through my practice of coaching and training 3X Pitching that I find quicker results in the weight room because these power issues are being solved a lot faster than in the throwing program. It is critical though that the 3X Velocity System which is the 3X throwing program, be used during the training process to implement the motor coordination during muscle development. This way we know that our new power development is being implemented into our deliveries and not wasted.
The 3X Pitching Velocity Program continues to have success because of this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity. You will find similar approaches in Olympic sports and speed training and you would think that this approach to pitching would be used more often in the game of baseball but it isn't. If you are working to increase velocity in your pitching delivery and you are not aware of or dealing with your power issues then you need a program that is going to help you combine strength and conditioning,  with pitching mechanics, without it working against each other. 3X Pitching is that program!