Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

The Pitcher Power Curve is worth as much as the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It has taken me the past 20 years to develop the 3X Program which is built on the Pitcher Power Curve.
Velocity is a product of power and if you can understand how we generate power as athletes, you will then discover how you can personally increase and maintain pitching velocity.

Power is both speed and strength. It isn't enough to be an athlete who can only move a lot of weight or an athlete who can only move very quickly. You must be that athlete who can move a lot of weight, very quickly. This is called explosive power or explosive strength. This can all be measured in what I call the Pitcher Power Curve.
Pitcher Power Curve

The Pitcher Power Curve

This diagram alone is the secret to velocity if you have learned how to convert power to velocity. To learn how power is converted to pitching velocity then watch the 3X Pitching 101 video. If you understand or have implemented the 3X mechanics and you are dealing with a power issue then this diagram is what you need to discover where you must spend your time. The way these curve works is simple. Write down your percentages of your 1 repetition maximum or 1RM for these three lifts; the Back Squat, the Power Clean, and the Bench Press. Also, write down your vertical or broad jump distances with your sprint times in the 40-yard dash or the 60-yard dash. Here is how to decipher these numbers.

  • Pure Strength can be measured in the Back Squat and Bench Press exercises.
  • Pure Speed can be measured in the 40/60 Yard Dash. You can also record how many times you can jump rope in say a 1 minute time.

Now look at your measurements and determine, based on your age and size, where you stand as compared to the average athlete at your age and size. You can determine this by measuring up your teammates and competition. Once you get a good understanding of how you match up to them, within these lifts and exercises, then you can see where you fall on the Pitcher Power Curve.

Let's say you rank very high in pure speed but you rank very low in pure strength. Your arrow swings all the way over to the right. Then you need to focus more on strength to develop more power. This doesn't mean stopping training for speed, but that you need to focus more on your strength training. Power is the goal here, so wherever you fall on the Power Curve, your goal is to get your ability more towards Pure Power.

The reason I told you to record your Clean 1RM is because this is a Pure Power lift. It will tell you where you stand when it comes to Pure Power, which is the goal. The problem is the Cleans do not tell you where are you lacking on the power curve. Is it pure strength or pure speed? The Power Curve will do this for you.

The Fusion System in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program includes a full spectrum of lifts and exercises that fall on the Pitcher Power Curve and if you would like to know the lifts and exercises that or more towards pure strength or pure speed, please contact me.