Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Commitment Pitching VelocityI am going to come clean here. I have been doing this long enough and I have sold enough programs on this site to know that 3X is the only program to legitimately increase pitching velocity. I get an email a day from pitchers telling me how amazing 3X Pitching is. I appreciate all of these emails, this is what keeps me doing this but my response is always I know, because it worked for me. I am not trying to prove anything here but that 3X Pitching really works.
The problem is those who don't take the time to learn the 3X approach or those who never commit to the program. I shouldn't be frustrated by these people because these are those people who will never reach their goals in life. These are those people who will always need help and who will always complain that they got screwed in the end. I am only frustrated because I know that these are the people that need 3X the most. The problem is how do I help them if they do not want it or they do not want to commit?

The Mental Game to Picking the Best Pitching Program

I haven't posted a lot of content here on the mental approach to 3X Pitching, so I will start now. Yogi Berra said it best, "95% of this game is half mental." That is the way I feel. Half of this game is mental and the other half is physical but 95% is definitely mental. If you can commit to any program on the web; 3X Pitching, Dick Mill's, 90MPH Club, Jaeger Long Toss, NPA, etc, you will get better. I guarantee it! It is because of this Yogi Berra quote. To make it more clear, this quote is saying that yes, you can evenly split up the components of this game including the mental and physical facets but in the end, the mental facet is the most powerful.
Have you ever seen the movie, The Secret? If you haven't then you need to. This is a must see movie. It is proof that your goals will only be accomplished if you ultimately believe in them. So if your goal is to reach your top velocity and you bought the Dick Mill's program but you are slightly skeptical because the 90MPH Club just sent you an email that says something that conflicts with the Dick Mill's program, then now you have a problem. Now you are not fully committed and your chances of reaching your goals is limited.
The #1 Reason Pitchers Never Reach Their Top Velocity is the lack of Commitment!
If this is you then grow up and take the bull by the horns for once in your life. Out of all the people who purchase my program about 15% actually complete the program and don't stop until they reach their pitching velocity goals. The job of the program is not to perform a miracle and do the work for you, it is there to help you get to your goals faster than if you did it on your own and time is critical in any career. This is why you should only use a program that was used by someone who shares your same makeup or circumstance.
Most every person who finds himself on and reads my BIO about how I used the 3X Pitching Velocity program to beat the odds and top out at 94MPH in a professional season and who can put themselves in my shoes before my arm surgery or just after, there is a good chance they will purchase the program and complete it. Though this is not the majority of the pitchers here, this is actually the 15% I mentioned earlier. The other 85% is those who are buying every single program on the web and using the part of the program that they feel is the only thing that is going to work in combination with all the other parts from all the other programs that they feel is best. The only thing missing here is the commitment, because how could you be committed to using a mixology of programs to make the perfect program and have confidence that it is going to even work in the end? The reason it is better to commit to one program alone, is because if you have done your homework, you know that it has been tested and it is proven to work.
It is like saying I am going to NOT just buy a McDonald's franchise to start a successful business, I am going to buy McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Carls' Jr and use the best of all of them to build my new business. How in God's name do you know this will work? Why should it even work? Why not just stick with one of them because they all have a proven track record of producing success.
Don't just try a program, commit to a program and dare yourself to produce the results that you want!
* I used the picture of Cal Ripken Jr, because in baseball he is the best example of commitment. If you do not know why then do your homework!