Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

This Pitching Velocity Quick Tip will cover the pros and cons of throwing the football. Throwing a football can promote arm health, specifically in the throwing elbow. This is because the football forces the athlete to have good wrist pronation at release. This is critical for velocity and protecting the eblow. The problem is you must learn how to throw the football correctly to benefit from this important pitching component. If you only throw the football the way most athletes throw a football then it could have a negative effect on your pitching. Watch this video to learn more!

Some coaches may prohibit you from bringing a football to practice. I always got in trouble for this because it would always turn into a football game. Make sure the you check with your coach before bringing it on the baseball field. If you coach protests this then use the football on your own.
The football can be a great tool for a pitcher but only if you have a good understanding of how to use the football as a pitching aid. You can get some drills with then football for pitchers in the Beginner Guide to 3X Pitching which is now a part of the 3X Pitching Velocity program.