Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

This Pitching Velocity quick tip covers the pros and cons of the radar gun. The radar gun can be a very effective velocity enhancement tool if used correctly. It will re-enforce good mechanical adjustments when making corrections in the pitching delivery. Where it can go wrong is when the radar gun is used only to see who can throw the hardest. This type of horse play with the radar gun makes those pitchers vulnerable to injury. If used currently, I highly recommend the use of the radar gun. It is a part of the 3X Velocity system which is the throwing program in the 3X Pitching Velocity program.

Five years ago the radar gun was only rarely used by individual pitchers in practice but because of the cheaper models and cheaper prices of today, it is very common for a young pitcher to have access to a radar gun. I have tested the cheaper models to the more expensive models and the only difference is the consistency of the speeds. Overall, the cheaper models are almost just as good as the more expensive ones.