Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Increasing pitching velocity is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. The mental approach to 3X pitching comes first with a high level of commitment to your success. There are only a few pitchers who are willing to make this commitment. This is why it is important that you get your mental game in order before your physical game begins.

Pitching in the big leagues is a dream. Preparing to pitch in the big leagues is a nightmare" - Nolan Ryan

This is a quote from one of the greatest pitchers of all time, telling you that to work towards your goals and dreams, in this game, is a nightmare. This means if you do not prepare for this nightmare then you will more than likely never meet your goals or dreams.

The Mental Bullets to Pitching Velocity

The 3X Pitching Velocity program is not the work ethic, it is the workout. This means, it is the nightmare, not the dream. It was developed to launch you towards your dreams.
PLEASE STOP HERE AND READ THIS TOP LINE AGAIN. Most pitchers, who find this site, get the 3X program and believe that somehow this program is going to be the dream. They then become disappointed when they learn it is actually the nightmare to the dream. I will be the first to tell you, you will never find the dream in a program or anything else you can purchase. So stop searching for it. It doesn't exist! You have to earn it. This is what makes it a dream. If you could purchase the dream then it would cease to exist as a dream. You have to have the nightmare to get to the dream. This is called life! You need to accept this and then make the decision to either live your life chasing your dreams or actually capturing them. If you just want to chase them then keep surfing the web but if you want to actually capture your dreams then here are the bullets to prepare yourself for the nightmare or the 3X Pitching Velocity program.
If you can make a vow to live strictly by these bullet points here, for the next 16 weeks of the 3X program and then look back to this moment of your life, you will not even recognize the person you are today. This is what it takes to capture your dreams.

  • Let yourself out of your comfort zone!
  • Don't be afraid to learn new things!
  • Push your limits!
  • Take the time necessary to achieve your goals!
  • Work on your weaknesses as much as your strengths!
  • Don't go on vacations!
  • Don't give yourself rewards until you reach your goals!
  • Never let yourself get comfortable!
  • Don't cut corners, ever!
  • Do one more set or rep, always!
  • Let your body rest and recovery!
  • Do it, but don't over do it!
  • Shoot for the stars!
  • See yourself living the dream!
  • Motivate yourself everyday!
  • Love the grind!
  • Never quit!
  • Listen to your body!
  • Have faith in something greater than you!
  • Battle yourself and win!
  • Live, breathe, eat, sleep, drink, think, do, baseball!

Now I want you to say these statement below out loud, if you can.
There are no free lunches, ever!
There are no short cuts to your dreams, ever!
There are no exceptions to the rules, ever!
Quiting is not and option!
I also want you to ask yourself, if this was a do or die situation then what would you do? This always reminds me of a great song by Tim McGraw called, "Live like you were dying." This is ironic because the song is about his father Tug McGraw (see picture above), who was a Major League Pitcher, who died of a brain tumor. It is a great song, you need to read the lyrics!
Just like in a marriage, you need to celebrate a very significant moment in your life, as a moment that is forever going to be looked on as a milestone. You need to state your vows like these bullet points above and never break them, or you will divorce yourself from your dreams, forever. If you are willing to take your pitching career as serious as your marriage to a life long relationship with a significant other, then just imagine what you could do with your career. You just actually might live the dream of a professional or Major League Pitcher, one day!