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Inverted W L, Pitchers Cure, Pitching InjurySo, you have been told you have the inverted W or L and that it is going to ruin your career but no one can tell you how to correct it? Don't worry, you are about two minutes from the answer and the pitchers cure. Before I remedy you and save your pitching career, we need to understand first why this is a problem. Unfortunately, there has been zero studies to date on this so called, "Red Flag." This means it is all in just theory that your pitching career is over, so you really should not loss much sleep over this but it is an important subject so let's fix the problem.

Why the Inverted W is a Red Flag in the Pitching Delivery?

To prove this all you need to do is stand up and throw your elbows way up above your shoulders, like you are trying to scratch your ears with your elbows. Do you feel the pain? If not, do this a hundred times a day until you do! This should easliy prove to you why this is not good for the shoulders and elbows. This simple exercise to understand the threat of this mechanical flaw here is enough to take this subject personally for you from theory into reality. If you are a pitcher with this issue then you do need to drop everything and correct it, before moving on. If this isn't enough proof that this problem can make you prone to injury then just study the careers of Mark Prior, Kerry Woods, Anthony Reyes and many more with this mechanical flaw. You can also learn from the medical field that throwing the arm above the shoulder or even behind the back, puts the shoulders and elbows in a vulnerable positions. Some physical therapist call this the "Red Zone." This is the area that the shoulders and elbows are most at risk. This "Red Zone" would be the inverted W or L position.

The Pitchers Cure to the Inverted W and L

I discovered this cure after I had developed the 3X Drive Drills in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. These drills train the pitcher to move quickly and effectively through a series of pitching drives. What I found was that slow pitchers who struggled with moving quick enough through the series of drives, would throw their elbows high above their shoulders to help assist their poor leg power. I call it "Flapping." They look like chickens trying to take flight. I then noticed the more they improved their drive power or speed through the drill, the lower they threw their elbows up. This is when I determined that the inverted W or L is a power or speed issue. It will cause a timing issue but it is the main result of poor drive power. If you study the pitchers mechanics who have evidence of the inverted W or L you will also find that their strides are slow. This means the pitchers cure for this serious mechanical problem is increasing stride speed or power. The 3X Drive Drills in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program have proven to be the perfect remedy! It isn't enough to only increase stride speed or power in your pitching delivery to cure the inverted W or L. The pitcher must have developed good stride mechanics like in the 3X Pitching program for the increased stride speed to effect the arm motion. To learn more about this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity checkout this video called, "Pitching 101."