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3X Pitching HolisticI have received a lot of emails about 3X Pitching. These emails are from parents, coaches and players who are just learning about this revolutionary approach to increase pitching velocity. They either want to know if 3X Pitching is rotational, linear or momentum pitching or why is 3X Pitching the best method compared to all other styles of pitching that fill up the Internet today. My answer is 3X Pitching is a Holistic Approach to Power Pitching.
To understand this revolutionary approach, let's first define holism or holistic.

"Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole."

The purpose of the term holistic is to understand that the big picture here is what is most important to 3X Pitching. The big picture to 3X Pitching is that 3X Pitching is a power pitching approach. It holds all of the tools that are available for the pitcher to become a power pitcher and increase velocity. The problem is if you try to understand 3X Pitching only from the perspective of its mechanical parts, you will become frustrated when you try to put it all together in the end. The components of the approach are important but they don't tell the entire story. This is why most newbies to 3X Pitching are intrigued by its mechanical parts but do not totally understand how it will develop the power pitcher.
I encourage those new to 3X Pitching to open your minds and just spend the beginning learning the approach. Once you have soaked up everything, you then need to step back and see the big picture or see the power pitcher as a whole.

The Complete Approach to 3X Pitching

Is it rotational pitching, linear pitching, momentum pitching? It is 3X Pitching!
Where 3X Pitching throws most people off is because the mechanical foundation of the approach is being used as the name. This means it sounds like 3X Pitching only means triple extension which is one part of the whole mechanical system. It just happens to be the root of the entire system because it connects the mechanics to the strength and conditioning. This is why I used the name but it is critical to understand how the rest of the entire system is built on top of 3X, so you can see it as a whole or so you can get the big picture of what we are doing here.
The entire 3X Pitching system is composed of the pitching mechanics, the strength and conditioning of the pitcher and how it links together. This is where 3X Pitching rises above the rest and stands alone. If a pitcher can learn to implement triple extension into his pitching mechanics and at the same time train his body to move more explosive through triple extension then you will have a power pitcher. This means the approach uses its proprietary drills to develop the motor coordination around the 3X mechanics and its proprietary strength and conditioning program to train the pitcher to move explosive through these mechanics. There is no better system to develop the power pitcher and this is what is missing in the game of baseball. There are tons and tons of trainers who understand the bio-mechanics of the athlete but do not fully understand how it works for a power pitcher, so they are training athletes but not pitchers and there are tons and tons of pitching coaches who think because they have played the game that they understand the mechanics of pitching but their knowledge of the bio-mechanics of the athlete is very poor, so they are developing pitchers but not athletes (The power pitcher is the makeup of both the athlete and the pitcher). So, the result is tons and tons of approaches to pitching that only address some of the parts of the whole but never the whole. This is why I am getting these emails. These parents, coaches and players have yet to learn how all of these approaches relate to the whole of power pitching until NOW.

3X Pitching is the Answer You Have been Looking For

All of these styles of pitching like rotational pitching, linear pitching, momentum pitching are all parts of the 3X Pitching system. 3X Pitching is linear because it trains triple extension before front foot strike. 3X Pitching is momentum pitching because it trains the importance of the linear force vector and its effects on momentum or speed through the stride. 3X Pitching is rotational because it teaches how triple extension before front foot strike leads to more hip rotation which results in more hip to shoulder separation. 3X Pitching is even "Stand Tall and Fall" and "Drop in Drive" in one but 3X Pitching is also a mental and muscular approach to power pitching. It is the answer you have been looking for because it is a Holistic approach to Power Pitching.
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