Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Joey Muccilli performing the top velocity plyometric routine to increase his speed.To significantly increase a pitcher's velocity he must NOT use just use one tool, drill, exercise or lift but all of the above, in a well designed program, over a good amount of time, for the body to adapt and condition itself into a high velocity pitcher. These tools, drills, exercises and lifts must work together to build the power pitcher.
The problem is many tools, drills, exercises and lifts that claim to increase pitching velocity have little effect, unless used in combination with the right amount of intensity, within the right order, with the right amount of repetitions and over the right amount of time. The Internet is loaded with tools, drills, exercises and lifts to increase pitching velocity but finding a pitching velocity program that uses these tools, drills, exercises and lifts effectively, as to have a significant effect on a pitcher's velocity, is rare. ´┐╝

A recent study, performed at California State University, Sacramento, Department of Physical Therapy, which included some well known Doctors in the field of sports medicine like ASMI's Dr. Glen Flesig, proves that baseball specific resistance training, over a 6 week training period, does increase pitching velocity but not significantly. This study leaves us to believe that a combination of baseball specific resistance training programs, over a good amount of time, would be the best chance of having a significant effect on a pitcher's velocity.

The Best Baseball Specific Training Program to Significantly Increase Pitching Velocity

Before we define the best baseball specific training program to significantly increase pitching velocity, let's look at the results of the case study first mentioned above, along with the individual training programs tested. The case study was called, Comparison Of Three Baseball-specific Six-week Training Programs On Throwing Velocity In High School Baseball Players. Here are the results from the study:

Compared to pre-test throwing velocity values, post-test throwing velocity values were significantly greater in the Throwers Ten group (1.7% increase), the Keiser Pneumatic group (1.2% increase), and the Plyometric group (2.0% increase), but not significantly different in the control group. These results demonstrate that all 3 training programs were effective in increasing throwing velocity in high school baseball players, but the results of this study did not demonstrate that one resistance training program was more effective than another resistance training program in increasing throwing velocity.
Read entire study here:

This study does state that these 3 baseball specific resistance training programs had a significant effect on velocity but I believe this is an overstatement. The definition of "significant" means something so great it is worthy of attention. At best the Plyometric group had a 2% increase in pitching velocity. For the average high school pitcher, this would be less than a 2 mph increase in pitching velocity. I wouldn't call that an increase worthy of attention.
When I talk about a significant increase in pitching velocity, I am talking about the same claims that are made with the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program of 5-10 mph. This amount of an increase in a high school or college pitcher is definitely worthy of attention. That being said let's dissect the study.
The first group listed who experienced an increase of 1.7% in pitching velocity used the Throwers Ten Program which you can follow here:

Throwers Ten Exercise Program
By Dr. Walter R. Lowe

This program is a rehabilitation program for pitchers post surgery or post injury which helps to develop the shoulder musculature. The second group listed was the Keiser Pneumatic group which experienced the least amount of increase at 1.2%. Pneumatic machines are resistant exercise equipment that replace weights with pneumatic cylinders which use air pressure to apply resistance. These are machines that allow the athlete to focus on specific muscles during an exercises. The last group was the Plyometric group which uses a series of lower body jumps and shock movements to enhance speed and quickness. This group experienced the largest increase in velocity but still not significant enough to increase velocity more than 2 mph in 6 weeks.
Based on the information in this study and the other studies posted on this website that prove the effects of heavy load training on increasing pitching velocity, it is safe to say that a comprehensive baseball specific resistance training program that uses all these proven velocity enhancement tools, drills, exercises and lifts, over a long period of time, would have a significant effect on increasing pitching velocity.

The Fusion System Will Significantly Increase Pitching Velocity

The Fusion System, in the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program, is that comprehensive baseball specific resistance training program using proven tools, drills, exercises and lifts, over a 16 week program, to have a significant effect on increasing pitching velocity. This is why it is called the Fusion System. It is a Fusion of proven training methods to develop the power pitcher. Here is more of what is included in the Fusion System from all the 3X Programs:

  1. Soft Tissue Routine
  2. Dynamic Warm-Up
  3. Static Stretching
  4. Core Routines
  5. Forearm Routines
  6. Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Routines
  7. Plyometric Routines
  8. Olympic Lifting Routines
  9. Speed and Agility Routines
  10. Central Nervous System Training Routines

All of these routines are built into the program which follows a system calendar instructing the pitcher on the days of the week the routines must be performed, along with the amount of loads used and the repetitions. This is what makes the Fusion System and the 3X Programs the most comprehensive, intense and highly effective pitching velocity programs in the game.
If you believe in a scientifically proven comprehensive approach to increase pitching velocity which includes both a throwing program and a full strength and conditioning program then checkout the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program TODAY!