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Written by Eric Mozeika
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Training with ex-professional pitcher, Brent Pourciau, at Guerilla Baseball this summer was a life changing experience to say the least. How many times have you heard someone say to you: "Don't worry, keep working on your mechanics, you'll get to 90 mph with time" or "Some people were just born to throw hard". I have heard these comments and many others, too many times and was sick and tired of hearing them. I wanted to take my career and put it into my own hands and not leave it up to the "baseball gods". I wanted to be the reason for my success or failure and not have to live with the regrets of the "what ifs".

How 3X Pitching Changed My Career and My Life

This is where I met pitching guru, Brent Pourciau. His knowledge for pitching, the game of baseball, and the athletic world, combined with his constant high energy level and passion to help athletes determined to get better, gave me a great opportunity. I bought Brent’s program in the summer of 2011 and was instantly blown away by the time and dedication he put into his program and also the science behind his work. I went to a camp later that summer to learn as much as I could from Brent, and see how my progress was going with the program. At the camp, I was very impressed about how Brent went into great detail with every aspect of his program and how much help he was in each drill.
Through this program I went up over 5 miles an hour on my fastball in half a year, breaking me through the 90 mph barrier! I was then more determined than ever to reach even higher velocity goals. This is when I called up Brent and asked him about the possibility of coming down to Louisiana for the summer to train with him. He was all for it when I contacted him and excited to see me making progress through the program. He even helped me find a roommate that also wanted to come down for the summer to train and helped us on the apartment search.
From the first day I stepped into his facility this summer, I knew it was going to be all business. The other kids that trained at Guerilla Baseball this summer all walked in everyday ready to sweat, train, and get better. We each pushed each other everyday in the weight room. The motivation and energy from being surround by a group of guys who truly desired to get better was such a boost, I saw my numbers jump up instantly. We also studied each other’s mechanics in the drills helping each other get better. We found that it even helped yourself out because you were able to notice things that you were possibly doing incorrectly in your mechanics, by watching and helping others.
The biggest help for me this summer was the coaching and learning experience I got from Brent. He was always there working out with us and pushing us to get better. He was also a great help for me in my progress to fix my motor coordination. Brent also helped us with many other things aside from baseball like finding quick jobs to make some extra cash. He is a great guy and I am truly blessed that I was able to shadow him this summer.

The Total 3X Pitching Experience

Living down in Louisiana far away from home was also a great experience for me. Being in an apartment with 3 others guys I was training with was amazing. We all kept each other on track by making sure we were up on time to go workout. We cooked together to keep a healthy lifestyle for our bodies and it showed its benefits in the weight room. It was also a great opportunity to focus solely on baseball. I don’t know how your life at home is, but my friends at home are not the best influences on myself and my pursuit in baseball, so it was great to be somewhere where everybody was focused on baseball.
All in all, I have done this program on my own and have now completed it at Guerilla Baseball and the results do not compare. My speed, power, strength, and velocity all went up way more when I trained at Guerilla Baseball. For those out there who are dedicated to this program and are determined to take there skills in baseball to the next level, I strongly urge you to contact Brent immediately and ask when you can come down. I know I’m going back as soon as I can!

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