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No, this is not the next big baseball product launch to boost pitching velocity brought to you by some online marketing company. The 3X Power Burst or 3X Burst is the real deal and it is a game changer!
This is a coaching tip that is a major part of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program and it holds the secret to how elite pitchers increase pitching velocity in their careers from 5-15 mph or more. Yes, I am giving this secret to a massive increase in pitching velocity away here for FREE!
This means my inbox is going to be inundated with emails telling me that I am crazy for giving this revolutionary information that can change a pitchers career overnight for nothing. I don't care, I was a pitcher in my career who searched for this information for too long and I didn't find it until the very end of my career when I discovered it myself. I want everyone, who is in the same position I was in during my pitching career when I desperately needed this critical pitching velocity information, to learn this stuff, so they can turn their career around just like I did. You can thank me later!

The Secret to High 90's is in the 3X Burst

It has been proven in the case study below that high velocity pitchers create earlier and faster hip rotation at front foot strike than low velocity pitchers. The problem is how do these high velocity pitchers create this early and fast hip rotation at front foot strike? This is the million dollar question and the 3X Burst is the million dollar answer.

The pitching motion was divided into three phases by four events: the first phase was defined as a phase from the instant for maximal knee height of the stride leg (MAXkne.) to the instant for minimal ball height (MINball ), the second phase from MINbau to stride foot contact (SFC), and the third phase was from SFC to ball release (REL).
Figure 2 shows the angular velocities of the hip and shoulder rotation during the third phase. The angular velocities of the hip and shoulder rotation of high velocity group (HG) and low velocity group (LG) increased from 0% of the third phase. Hip rotation angular velocity of HG rose to peak at 27% of the third phase, while shoulder angular velocity kept increasing until 60%. On the other hand, LG could not increase shoulder angular velocity from approximately 30% to 50% of the third phase since LG increased hip rotation angular velocity until 48%. Stodden et al. (2001) indicated that when pitchers were in a position to optimally rotate the pelvis and upper torso, they could generate increased momentum and transfer it from the trunk to the throwing arm.
Read the entire study here:

So, I am sure you are anxious to find out what is the 3X Burst. The 3X Burst represents the moment in the stride when the power is turned on in the high velocity pitcher. Two things must occur for this power production to enhance. The first component that must occur is, which was mentioned in the last sentence of the study above, the pitcher must be in a "position to optimally rotate the pelvis and upper torso" before front foot strike or stride foot contact (SFC). The reason this positioning must occur before SFC is because the most effective way to create early hip rotation after SFC  is if the hips have already began to rotate before the front foot lands. This rotation must occur just before SFC and no earlier because the other key factor is the hip rotation speeds. Faster hip rotation will only occur if the opening of the hips is during the moment just before SFC. This is the case because when the hips are forced to open at the last split second before SFC, then this will force the pitcher to create this movement as quickly as possible before his stride foot lands. Trying to fire the hips open after SFC will not create early and fast hip rotation because the front foot is down and the leg is stable. This would be like a race car firing the engine with the brakes on.
Once the pitcher has put himself into position and he has the power in his athletic body to produce elite caliber force production then he must release all hell as he triple extends his drive leg into front foot strike. Brandon Morrow is one of the best examples of the 3X Burst. You can see in the few frames above that he is bursting his body through 3X and creating an incredible amount of elite speed/power into front foot strike. This is a picture perfect moment that represents the 3X Burst in the high 90's pitcher.

How to Use and Perfect the 3X Burst

The same approach used to perfect the 3X Burst is the same approach of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It involves developing both the motor coordination of the body movements or pitching mechanics involved and also developing the power production required. To learn the pitching mechanics that puts the high velocity pitcher into position to implement the 3X Burst is defined in complete detail in the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide which will be available within the month. This guide covers these complex power pitching mechanics to the point of nausea. The 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide will also cover how much power production is required to implement effectively the 3X Burst which is defined as the 3X Threshold. Training this motor coordination and power production of the 3X Burst to increase pitching velocity is best practiced with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It gives you all the tools you will ever need, once you have comprehended the concept and the importance of the 3X Burst to your pitching velocity.