The biggest miss conception in baseball, I mean the BIGGEST, is that pitching is pure mechanics driven. This couldn’t be more backward in thinking that the belief that a fast car is the pure result of a good driver. Put Jeff Gordon in a go-cart and let’s see how good he does in the Daytona 500.
The problem with this game and let’s just say life, in general, is that most people do not think before they act. They do not question this game enough. Why do we run long distance in practice? Why do we throw long toss? Why do we not build our muscular strength and power as a team? Why does my coach continue to yell at me that I do not finish out front? Why do I not get better every year in this game? Why are other players better than me?
Not asking these questions, or more importantly, not answering these questions is why most people who play this game never reach their true potential.

What does Athleticism Have to Do With Pitching?

This is an important question that must not go unanswered in a young pitchers career. One of the most common questions I get on a daily basis is did Aroldis Chapman have to learn all of this stuff to become the high velocity pitcher he is today? All this stuff being 3X Pitching. The answer is no and I usually follow this answer with, “Yeah, and screw that guy!”
The reason, it isn’t that Chapman didn’t work for what he has but that it came to a lot easier and therefore a lot faster for him. When most young pitchers were trying to learn a second pitch, so they could have a better chance to compete at the youth level, Chapman was still pumping fastballs past hitters several years older than him. So why is he so lucky which makes me so jealous? His athleticism is off the charts. His vertical jump, broad jump, 60-yard dash and any other way to measure the pure athlete is at an elite level.
So what gave Chapman this athleticism? Genetics and a less than comfortable lifestyle. It is obvious that Chapman has more fast twitch muscle fiber than most, it is obvious Chapman is taller than most and it is obvious Chapman has sharper motor control than most. He can thank God for these gifts. The less than comfortable lifestyle I mentioned is sugar coating what it must be like to grow up poor in Cuba. This means Chapman was forced to live a young life that most American kids have no concept of. I am sure he was helping to feed his family when most American kids were just starting to learn how to play video games. This means Chapman conditioned his body to work hard at a young age which helped mature his athleticism. The lack of this work at a young age is what retards physical development with most American kids today.
So what does Chapman’s elite athleticism have to do with his pitching? Being that the shoulder speeds of a high velocity pitcher is the fastest body movement of all of sports and that he can throw a 90+mph fastball to a small glove 60 feet away 20-30 times every 2-3 days, should tell you a lot about why his athleticism makes him one of the best pitchers in the game. Take away Chapman’s athleticism and this is like taking away Jeff Gordon’s million dollar NASCAR. They are now powerless in their sport.

The Source of Perfect Pitching Mechanics

Just because you look like Chapman, you dress like Chapman and you lift your leg like him doesn’t make you Chapman. Every young pitcher believes that if he can look like and act like an elite athlete then you will become one. This is not exactly true. There is a lot more to the equation than just looks. If you want to wear someone’s shoes, so you can live their lifestyle then you need to understand everything about that person. Here is proof that there is more to throwing hard than just pitching mechanics.

There is a great story about Tim Lincecum and Lance Lampert. RedBull did a promotion where you could send in a video of yourself pitching like Tim Lincecum and the one who had his pitching mechanics would win a day with him. The winner was Lance. He was able to post a video of him pitching almost exactly like Tim Lincecum. Now, my question is if the fact that Lance can look like Tim Lincecum when he pitches is enough to win him a national contest then why is that not enough to win him a contract with the San Fransico Giants? This is the million dollar question and here is the million dollar answer, because he isn’t the athlete that Tim Lincecum is! He can’t move as explosively throw Tim Lincecum’s mechanics as Tim.
Checkout the contest here. Pretty cool!

Perfect Pitching Mechanics
Now that we understand pitching mechanics are critical but you will never throw hard just trying to create them on looks, let’s first look at what makes perfect pitching mechanics, so we can truly understand what it takes to have them.
Perfect pitching mechanics are the result of studying pitchers like Chapman, not the other way around. When the game of baseball was created Abner Doubleday didn’t write the pitching mechanics book after he wrote the baseball rule book. Pitching mechanics are the result of a bunch of coaches or average players like myself, who studied the elite pitchers to try and find what made them throw harder. They did this so they could teach their average pitchers how to throw harder or so I could overcome major rotator cuff surgery and live my dreams of playing pro baseball.
The problem all of us players and coaches run into when we learn about what makes us mechanically different from a high velocity pitcher is how do we implement these perfect pitching mechanics. The solution is learning the athleticism behind the perfect pitching mechanics and then developing a program to train this athleticism into the athlete. Once the athleticism is there then the coach or player can work on training the mechanics of the movements.
This is why most pitching instructors with great resumes like Big League Ball Player or Minor League Ball Player is only important if you want an autograph but if you want to be taught how to develop yourself into a high velocity pitcher then you are better off going to someone, anyone, who has studied perfect pitching mechanics and the elite athlete.

Becoming the High Velocity Pitcher

Yes, you need a program like the 3X Pitching Velocity Program because it has the research not only mapping out the perfect pitching mechanics of the high velocity pitcher but more important, it has all the information to define and train the athleticism of the high velocity pitcher. This is why the 3X Pitching Velocity Program has so many amazing testimonials and it is so young of a program.
If you really want to become a high velocity pitcher, stop playing this game in ignorance and spend time on a site like this one and really learn this stuff before you blow thousands of dollars with a pitching instructor who only played professional baseball but has never actually developed a high velocity pitcher.

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