Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

The most poorly coached pitching mechanic of the high-velocity pitcher is the Load Position which is the position when the pitcher has prepared the drive leg for the drive. Not teaching a pitcher to put the drive leg into a linear position with flexion would be like NOT teaching a sprinter to get down on the block to start the race; both will have the disadvantage.

The reason most pitching coaches do not coach this Load Position is because of the athleticism that is required to implement it effectively. This position has the ability to enhance the force production of the pitching delivery which makes the delivery more dynamic. When a movement becomes more dynamic then it becomes more advanced to control. This is when it also becomes more challenging for the pitching coach to help the pitcher control the dynamics of the high-velocity delivery. Most coaches would rather slow the pitcher down to make him easier to manage than to speed him up and potentially develop a high-velocity pitcher.

I remember when working with David Thompson, who went from 85-92 mph in 6 weeks on the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, once I gave him the feeling of how fast a high velocity pitcher moves through his stride, he was blown away. He said he had no idea that you had to move that fast to throw 90+mph. Three weeks later he hit 92mph!

3X Force Vector Torsion Throws - Hold

3X Force Vector Torsion Throws Series

The instructional video above is just one of the many Force Vector Torsion Throws that are the foundation of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3. These revolutionary throwing drills are a game changer and very effective in teaching the Load Position. These drills were developed to take the pitcher to consistently 90+. These drills will train the pitcher to hold torsion in the drive leg all the way until 3X before front foot strike. Which will help them peak more force into front foot strike.

These drills are so effective in enhancing the dynamics of the pitching delivery that you will want to work hard to perfect them. You will immediately feel a velocity jump following through the full series of drills. On top of these Force Vector Torsion Throws the 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3 has included the Sled Drills. You will be using the Sled Drills as a key part of the throwing program. These Sled Drills are extremely effective in enhancing force production during the stride phase while also training the pitcher to move more linear as well. These Sled Drills with the Force Vector Torsion Throws is a very powerful combination to developing the high velocity pitcher.

3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 3

This program is for those who have been through the 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 1 and 2 and who have met the requirements of a 1.3 power to weight ratio. This means the pitcher can power clean 130% of his own body weight. The reason for this requirement is because it is critical that the pitcher have an adequate amount of leg power to perform all of the throwing drills mentioned above and also to be able to complete the Level 3 Fusion System.

The Level 3 Fusion System is a major upgrade from the Level 1 and 2 Fusion System. It will challenge everyone who uses it to their full potential. It may even be too much for most to handle. It is extreme but at the same time extremely effective in developing maximum power production.

This program isn't for everyone because of the high level of commitment it will take to complete and use to its full potential but for those who can make a commitment at this level will experience a significant jump in velocity or develop the ability to consistently hold onto 90+mph!